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I Heart Darwin… Michigan Man Shoots Himself in the Head


February 2014

I love the News show The Five – it’s just like NPR in reverse:  Four conservatives gang up on one liberal.  The one difference is that the liberal on Fox is Bob Beckel, not some squishy conservative like David Brooks on NPR.  Last night Bob Beckel’s “One More Thing” centered on a story about a Michigan man who was attempting to show his girlfriend that guns were safe by pointing three of them at his head and pulling the trigger. Bob mischaracterized the event by saying the man was showing off three unloaded weapons.

Well folks, the last one obviously wasn’t unloaded because when the man pulled the trigger, it fired and the man died.  Bob used this event to leave with the notion that having guns at home is not safe.

Now for the rest of the story:  The man had been drinking much of the day.  Well I am shocked and amazed, but it gets better:

“(The situation) is pretty unique, as I have never heard of anyone testing out  the safety of a gun by pointing at their head and pulling the trigger,”  Undersheriff Michael McCabe told the Oakland Press.

Well imagine that, seems to me the Theory of Natural Selection explains this one just about to a tee.  Now allow me the dalliance of pointing out a few things that dope did wrong:  First, when “demonstrating pistol safety”, one does not treat a pistol as a toy or a prop.  It is neither.  Pistols have one purpose and one purpose only:  To fire a bullet out of the barrel at a very high velocity when the trigger is pulled.  It is not a toy.  Period, end of lesson one.

Second, and this is literally the first thing taught in a weapon’s safety course:  You never place your finger on the trigger unless you are pointing at a target that you intend to shoot.  This would mean your own noggin – unless you intend to put a hole in it, don’t place your finger on the trigger.  Period, end of lesson two.

Third, and this goes to:  “To Thine Own Self Be True”, if you’ve imbibed in an adult beverage or twenty, you tend to become stupid the farther into the bottle you go.  You do stupid things in other words.  The last thing you want is to be stupid with a pistol in your hand.  That’s the second thing they teach you in gun safety.

Finally for the lessons, when handling a pistol, or any kind of firing weapon, ALWAYS ASSUME IT’S LOADEDThis point is not rocket science.  Clearing a weapon prior to inspection and locking the slide back (or sliding out the cylinder [the round piece that holds the bullets] for a revolver) is always advised.

Having a pistol in the home, Mr. Beckel, is not dangerous if it is handled with the care it deserves.  Little boys play with “guns” in the back yard, heck my two daughters, my wife and I play with Nerf “guns” all of the time (and we’re quite the crack shots actually).  Pistols and revolvers are not toys, nor are BB-guns and pellet guns.  Using an utter idiot, drunk no less, as a talking point example for why pistols are dangerous, is almost as stupid as putting a loaded pistol to your head and pulling the trigger to show your girlfriend that it’s safe – with three kids in the house.  C’mon Bob – you’re better than that, and interesting that you chose to leave the drunk part out of your One More Thing, one ex-drunk to another.


  1. Most definitely a Darwin award goes to the guy. It is lucky that he did not hurt anyone else.

  2. David Brooks is a fraud. If he’s a conservative, I’m the Shah of Iran.

  3. Yikes, this is…sad but also not really sad at all.

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