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What’s the best way to make a bike faster… Answered.


February 2014

I love the fact that my stats page pops up some pretty awesome search queries from time to time. This one is probably my favorite recurring query:

what’s the best way to make a bike faster

Pedal faster… And harder.

Technically, for those who don’t know already, here’s the important stuff:

1. Get the bike fitted to you.
2. Eat right.
3. Get into the most aerodynamic position you can.
However, the BEST way to make a bike faster boils down to three words:  Frequency and intensity.

Then this:

are chewy sprees good when u lift weights

Ladies and gentlemen, Chewy Sprees are good any time. For more specificity, Chewy Sprees are good:
When it’s rainy
When it’s sunny
When it’s cloudy
When it’s warm
When it’s cold
When you’re happy
When you’re sad
When you’re angry
After a long swim
After a long ride
After a long run
After all three of the above in succession
After Fartleking (had to)
After weight lifting
On days off
… Must I go on? I think not.

UPDATE: Sue added in the comments, that getting someone to push might help too. This is a fabulous idea, though lassoing a pro would be even faster


  1. sueslaght says:

    Pedal faster…or get someone to push you 🙂

  2. elisariva says:

    A bike is faster with a fast rider 🙂

  3. Chatter says:

    Thank you for not disappointing with your answer I saw the subject of this post and had a feeling I knew how you would respond and true to form you answered true..

  4. its also easier and cheaper to shed 1lb off of your self then your bike lighter rider = faster bike

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