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A Note To Bicycle Manufacturers: We Are Smart Enough to Find Your Website

I love a great looking bike. A friend of mine from the Tuesday night club ride sports a beautiful white and silver Assenmacher Light Bicycle. At just over 21 pounds, it’s impressive for a steel bike. Seriously. The paint job is only a few years old and is immaculate. The down tube shifting drivetrain still shines like new, as does the cassette, chain, hubs and wheels. There are no decals on the bike, the head badge and logo are hand painted and beautifully done.  Here are a couple of other Assenmacher examples:

assenmacherSmall Assenmach_bike1_2

My bike(s) are a little different.  My Cannondale is old-school, but my Trek is a custom painted Red-Orange piece of art, and my Venge, while Specialized almost got carried away with the advertisement, they still kept it somewhat subdued:

20140228-195209.jpg 20131228-052406.jpg

While there’s no doubt that the Venge is a straight up, brand new, carbon fiber race bike, Specialized didn’t use every square inch to slap its logo on the bike.  Even worse, and I’m seeing this a lot more often, is a manufacturer’s propensity to put the company’s website address somewhere on the bike.

A note to manufacturers:  If I can afford a $3,000+ bicycle, there’s a 98% chance that I’m smart enough to find your website without your needing to put it somewhere on the bike.  The offending item here is the dreaded “.com”.  Take a look at this otherwise beautiful RTS:


The RTSCARBON.COM on the wheels looks, I hate to say, cheap – and the 2013 TTR7 shown above is anything but.  In fact, it’s so expensive they don’t even list prices on the website (which took exactly 0.56 seconds to find with the brilliant search query:  “RTS Bikes”).  Maybe I’m finicky, or just a little older, but it’s like buying a $50,000 Cadillac only to have the dealership stick an ugly sticker that doesn’t match the vehicle on the trunk lid.

No bike company, that I know of, is more egregious than Canyon:


Sadly, they have some exceptionally cool looking bikes and are priced very reasonably (their top Aero Road Bike is only $6,000 and the Speedmax AL 9.0 shown above is a reasonable $2,500.  Now, I did take some time to peruse their website (0.30 second Google Search for “Canyon Bikes”) and it appears as though someone is getting the message over there.  Not all of their bikes have the “.com” on them.  Still, I spent more than three grand on my Venge and I guarantee you, if it was marked up like the Canyon or the RTS, I wouldn’t have given the bike a second look…

Mine was an impulse purchase.  I walked into the shop, never intending on buying a new bike (I was looking for a pair of shorts or a new jersey or something) and there she was sitting on the most prominent display spot in the shop.  I can’t emphasize this enough…  With that “.com” on there, I’d have walked right by.

This harkens back to the idiots who took money to have a website’s address tattooed on their body, usually the forehead.  What kind of fool do you have to be to defile your body in that way for a few grand?

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I see that “.com”, I think “dirty, seedy, ugly”…

Please, guys, get rid of the “.com” on the ride.