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Meat and a Movie: The Guys Night Out!

It’s a rare day that my buddy Pete and I do something, that doesn’t involve running or cycling, without our wives (who are also good friends).

My wife was having one of those eleven kid sleepovers for my daughters so I had a great excuse to get out of the house – sorry ladies, that’s just too much estrogen for a guy to handle at one time. We got dolled up and hit the town (I figured we’d show the kids how a man dresses in public). Our buddy Steve was going to hang as well but when he dropped his daughter off at our place for the sleepover, his wife helped him opt for a date night instead (the hours they work, we didn’t blame them).

We had steaks at a local micro-brewery/steak house, The Redwood Lodge, one of the nicest steak houses in the greater Flint area. That’s the meat.

The movie was the consummate 3D guy flick: 300 Rise of an Empire. Four words: Jaw droppingly freaking awesome. Fellas, of you’re a fan of Eva Green (and what guy isn’t) you must see this movie! The story, the Battle of Thermopylae, was better in the first movie, but the battles in this installment were far more awesome. Oh and did I mention Eva Green? Good God.

Anywho, we followed that up with a deep spiritual discussion on the way to Pete’s house and called it a night.

Meat, a Movie and a little bit of God to cap it. It’s all good baby! Can’t wait for the next 300! Yes, it’s open for another!