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Daily Archives: March 26, 2014

Why Did You Glance At My Cleavage?!

We all do it boys, but this is a loaded question that should not be fallen for… The correct answer is to respond indignantly, “why would you want to show me your boobs”?!  Even better if you can preemptively interrupt the question… “Why are you”…and lower the boom.

This is why I love my wife.  She loves that I dig her boobs.  Better still, she’s actually happy that I do and shows the girls off for me regularly.  Ah, her cleavage is Heavenly. Mmmm…back on point, uh, so to speak.

That notwithstanding…um, I lost my train of thought.  Dammit, I hate it when that happens.

Oh yeah, women check out boobs just as much as men do…  And I’m just going to let this post die here because that is entirely too hot…and my wife should be to the office any minute now…to help me with the books of course.

Happy…  Uh, Wednesday.