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Josie Makes the Swim Team!

My seven year-old, Josie, just made the swim team! Funny thing is, that little girl is fast!

Just like her big sister, who took the time to coach her yesterday and taught her to flip-turn. Special thanks as always to her adopted grandparents, Grateful Jim and Laura. Josie’s through the roof!


Hardcore Cycling: Am I A Vagina?


Photo from a January 12th ride

Such was the charge last evening. The weather, at least for cycling conditions, was brutal. 37 degrees (3 C) with a sustained 20-25 mph southwest wind with gusts north of 35 mph. I had the proper gear on north of my waist but was not adequately dressed from my waist to my ankles (temp dropped seven degrees in 30 minutes). During the seven mile warm-up for the advanced club ride I made the decision to skip the ride. I could have done it, at least the last eight miles would have been fun with a tailwind but I packed up my bike instead, opting to ride this afternoon when the wind should be around 6 mph with sunny skies and reports say 15 degrees warmer. There were other factors to consider as well, such as having to get back so my wife could run and the danger inherent in group cycling in a huge crosswind (we were getting blown all over the place on the warm-up), but let’s not make this unnecessarily long.

As I was packing my bike up one of the racers, my age, let the suggestion fly that I may be a vagina.

Now, I am particularly fond of my wife’s so at her request I no longer use that term and opt for “wuss” in lieu because she’s right; I respect the va-Jay-Jay, therefore to use the term in a derogatory manner just doesn’t make sense. ¬†The importance here is how I handled the charge.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or read a tirade because the charge of “wuss” was leveled, I’d be rich.

First and foremost, he was right with the exception of a poor choice of noun.¬† I did wuss out and because¬†I’m bright enough to know, and laid back enough to accept,¬†that by leaving I let my group down.¬† How so?¬† Well, with nasty weather like yesterday evening, the turnout was way down anyway.¬† My leaving meant that the group would have to work that much harder because I wouldn’t be taking a 1/2 mile pull every four or five miles.

See, most people don’t think like this and the world might¬†be a better place if we did.¬† Most people hear¬†a charge like that (the first time it’s ever been leveled in my direction) and they’re off to the races, blathering on about misogyny or something, allowing emotion to get in the way of what should be a constructive learning moment. ¬†Sure the charge was pretty ludicrous.¬† With rare exception (last night being one), I’m a badass – and the fact that I think highly of myself has a lot to do with how I responded:¬† “You know Dave, you’re one of the few people tough enough to make that charge properly” (and he is – he’s strong).¬† That’s the second part of the equation…¬† Dave is that tough.¬† He’s a badass’s badass.

In the end, we laughed and I still headed home for a nice hot bowl of clam chowder…and it still took three hours for me to warm up.¬† I almost thought I got myself a cold for a minute.

When I see him next Tuesday I’ll apologize for letting the group down and all will be forgiven, and we’ll go on.¬† The important fact here is that I choose to be the guy who people want to have around – not the guy that causes eyes to roll when they see me heading up the road to the parking lot.

Last night I wasn’t a vagina because vaginas are, for the most part, awesome.¬† But I was a wuss – and for today, I’m okay with that.

UPDATE: Apologies to those who received an email with an improper link to this post… In my haste, I didn’t pay attention to the spelling of “Hardcore” in the title – the “d”, even though I hit the key (probably not hard enough) didn’t register so I had to change the title creating a small tear in the ether/link continuum.

The GM Ignition Switch Recall: Beyond The Hype – Don’t Let It Happen to You

I’m not going to get into what GM did wrong with the whole ignition switch deal. The politicians and lawyers have it now and the only thing you can be sure of is you’ll have to really search the answers out to get a fair understanding of what happened and how everything went down.

What interests me is the mistake the owners of those cars made. That’s right, I’m saying it… the owners of those GM cars that crashed made an egregious error based on vehicular ignorance, call it a mechanical misunderstanding.

The mistake was having too much on the car’s key chain. We’ve all seen someone doing it; twelve keys, a flashlight, a can/bottle opener and a four-foot long lanyard. This is, simply put, too much weight. Over time the weight hanging from your key ring will wear out your ignition system. Notice the word I used was “will”, not may, might or could – that much weight hanging from a vehicle’s ignition will wear it out. Unfortunately, in this case wearing the ignition out meant that something in that ignition broke and¬†caused the vehicle to completely shut down.¬† This¬†caused crashes.

If there’s anything the average¬†car owner can take out of this, it’s this: Don’t overload your ignition with unnecessary weight.¬† On¬†my truck’s key ring I have the ignition key, the key fob and a key for my bike lock.¬† That’s it.¬† I have every one of my other keys on a different key ring.¬† The reality is, while one or two extra keys on the ignition key may not be “that big a deal”, the question is where do you draw the line?¬† How many keys is too much weight?¬† I make the choice of having that one extra key attached to my ignition system because, based on¬†nothing more than¬†an abundance of ignorance, I believe that the one bike lock¬†key won’t cause additional¬†damage or wear¬†– and I am willing to live with the ramifications if I am wrong.

This is the¬†trick to having a smoothly operating ignition system for as long as is mechanically possible:¬† You’re ignition key and key fob should be the only things hanging from you vehicle’s ignition when the key is in the vehicle.

PS.¬† I realize that pointing out the mistakes of people who died¬†because of¬†their¬†ignorance is uncool.¬† GM shares in the fault as well¬†– but only after they figured out there was a problem.¬† The sad fact is this:¬† Based on reports, all thirteen of those people would be alive today if they didn’t have too much weight on their ignition key ring.¬† While I feel for the families of the deceased, the goal of this post is to spread the word, to save others from the same fate – or from having to buy a new ignition system for their vehicle, as the case would more likely be.