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Sexy in Lycra & Other Added Benefits of Triathlon


First Time Triathlete


Triathlon is not just about getting exercise and and some fresh air. It goes much deeper than that. Sure training and racing will get you fit, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a list of the awesome side benefits of triathlon, you may not have realized.


Awesome Tan – All of those training rides and runs basking in the sun will turn you into a bronze god. That is where you are not covered by your tri gear. Your tri shorts will provide cover for a distinct tan line between your pasty upper thighs, and then rest of your tan legs. Try varying your tri short length for the rainbow effect.

Comfortable in Lycra – You may be apprehensive, when first sporting your lycra training gear. You might try covering up with gym shorts, or bring extra clothes to a ride. This is short lived. Soon…

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A Most Excellent Spring Cycling Weekend

It was rather quiet on the blog this weekend, as least as far as posts go, because I was finally busy outside. That, and for once I really didn’t have a lot that I wanted to write about – maybe best to say that I just needed a break from the posting for a minute.

Friday I went out for a nice 22-1/2 mile ride with Mrs. Bgddy that was supposed to be a 25-1/2 mile ride but a perfectly timed train and a perfectly forecast rain with seven miles left, meant a shortcut.  To make a long story shorter, we knew the rain was coming, we just hoped we could beat it.  Temps were barely conducive to fun riding and the rain meant that too many miles in that would have been nasty as we were both dressed just warm enough for the ride without the rain.

After the ride, we grabbed some lunch and headed over to the bike shop to pick up a new pair of Specialized Pro Road shoes that I had ordered a couple of weeks ago and have the cleats aligned (more on that in a later post).  My LBS found me a heck of a deal on them (more than 35% off) because they’re 2012 model shoes (this year’s go for $275).

The plan for Saturday was to give them a good once over on the trainer because we had a bit of a cold snap blow through (well below 24 degrees (F) at 8 am, the only time I could have ridden outside due to family constraints) and that’s just a little too cold for me.  Unfortunately, there was a factor that presented itself, that I wasn’t prepared for…  Having been outside on a fairly consistent basis, I really realized how much the trainer sucks.  It’s different, for me, going into the winter because I don’t enjoy riding in the cold, it’s one of those “ride it or lose all of that fitness” kinds of deals for me.  Well, the boys and I from Tuesday night had a long ride planned for Sunday and the weather was supposed to be fantastic – so I grew bored after ten minutes and decided to skip that opting to take care of some work that I needed to have done today anyway.

Saturday’s cold gave way to Sunday’s bright sunshine and the first decent warm weekend day that we’ve had.  Now, by warm I mean above 45 and sunny at 11 am.  Yesterday was the first day I didn’t have to wear my jacket – a jersey, arm warmers and a light long-sleeved jersey was enough.  I didn’t even need a hat under my helmet (only the second time this year).  Last week was a 45 mile ride for me (five there and back and 35 with the group) and I ran into trouble at the end because I got really hungry – so this week I brought an ERG bar with me just in case, and I’m glad I did.  I felt strong for the first 25 miles and made sure to keep hydrated, but long about the 30 mile mark I could feel my energy dip big time.  I wasn’t struggling to stay with the group but I wasn’t exactly staying up front as much as I wanted to either.  Ten minutes later it dawned on me, at the first stomach grumble, that I was hungry.  I pulled out my ERG bar, wolfed it down and within ten minutes I was back to full strength.  I started pulling again and all was well.  I ended that ride in my driveway with 51 miles for the day (farther than I’ve ever ridden this early in the season).

After that, I did some yard work, took a nap and ate dinner (I did have a piece of leftover pizza to tide me over) and headed to the bowling alley for position night.  We were in fourth place but were very close to the third place team.  I was tired but Our Lady of Mountain Dew helped me through – we took all seven points and third place.  I rolled a 170, a 204 and a 190 (my average is 175).

Folks, that’s what I call a fun weekend.