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A Record Only a Skier Could Love…

We broke a record last night that only a skier could love, a record that has stood for more than 130 years – total snowfall for southeastern Michigan. This year we had 94.8 inches of the white stuff.  The last time we were hit this bad (or at least close to it at 93.6 inches) was the winter of 1880-1881.  Now, for the folks out in high-snowfall areas (Mid-Michigan, the U.P., Minnesota, Colorado, etc.) 95 inches of snow is a drop in the bucket, I’m well aware of this (Northern Michigan regularly gets more than 10 feet of snow in a winter).  I get it – still doesn’t mean life is a bowl of cherries around here if you happen to be  a ridiculously avid cyclist.

Fortunately, the freeze is supposed to be short-lived – just one day.

Normally, tonight would present a very big problem being a Tuesday (club ride night) but I left the office early yesterday to head home and get some rest due to a quick little bug that I thought would have me down for a couple of days.  Thanks to a lot of good sleep and Emergen-C I’m feeling a ton better today.  I knew I was in trouble shortly after I got to the office yesterday.  I felt horrible and had a tough time keeping my eyes open – so I laid my head down on the desk to take a quick fifteen minute cat-nap only to wake up an hour and fifteen minutes later.  I struggled through most of the day and left at around 2.  When I got home, I sent off a quick couple of emails and immediately fell back asleep.  Then after dinner, I slept again while my wife took the kids to swimming class.  I turned in for the night after this week’s episode of Archer and didn’t wake up till just after 4am – and I feel surprisingly good – and that’s where this little saga gets interesting.  I am very tempted to try to suck it up and ride tonight if all of the ice on the roads melts (temps should approach 40 F today so they should thaw).  On the other hand, I’ll end up wearing myself out a little bit in some very cold temps so I think the best option for today is to ride on the trainer and get back to it tomorrow.  Better, I think, to not to give this bug a chance at resurgence so I can have a nice long weekend in the saddle.