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National “Take Your Child to Work Day”… They Picked a Good One

April 2014

Today is National Take Your Child to Work Day and they picked a good one. My daughters get to go with me to the Trademark attorney’s office followed by heading to my office to complete a project that’s due today. From there we’ll head out to lunch and then back to the office to start on another project that’s due tomorrow – a rain day.

I’m of two minds on NTYCTW day.  On one hand, it’s a serious pain in my butt having to herd the kids around and to work my schedule around having them.  On the other hand, once a year my daughters get to see that what their dad does isn’t simply a walk in the park.  In the end the benefit outweighs the trouble as they get to see that I have to work really hard to get my few easy perks, like heading home a little early on a nice afternoon to go for a bike ride before taking the girls to swim practice.  In fact, it’s 6 am and I’ve already been on the computer for two hours now.  Five minutes catching up on comments for the blog that came in overnight, twenty five minutes catching up on new posts and ten minutes to write this one.  The other hour and twenty has been spent working on, well, work.

Love to spend more time pontificating, but it’s time to get ready to go get ’em.

Work hard.  Play harder.


  1. saltyvelo says:

    Didn’t know it was “give your daycare the day off day.”

    I think my boss would kick me in the teeth if I brought my kid to work.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Actually, school is on today. I have to fill out a special form and send my kids in with a copy of company letterhead so they can come to work with me…

      And I have an advantage over most: I’m the boss. 😉

  2. Sandra says:

    Indeed. You are far outpacing me. I’m just barely keeping my head above water. Back spasms yesterday did not help.

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