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No Going Back

April 2014

I don’t know what to say, I’m almost a little misty over this post. I started following Aaron (Chatter) from the beginning. This is his “woohoo! I made it” post. Give the brother a hand.

Chatter Gets Fit

Now and Then.  The left picture was from my last 5k race and the one on the right is from my first 5k race in October. Left picture was from a mid season 5k in 2013 and the Right picture was from my first 5k  in October of 2012

If you have not noticed I have been pretty absent lately.  Since I got back from Ragnar Trails Atlanta (details here) I just have not felt like writing.  Of course I could blame fatigue or writers block or being busy, but to be honest I have no clue why I have been so complacent on this blog and commenting on posts lately.  Maybe its tied into post Ragnar depression or linked to exhaustion resulting from the intensity of my training routine.

Victorious! Ragnar Trails Atlanta was one of the pinnacle running experiences of my short athletic career.  I shared this adventure with seven complete stranger and I  even a few weeks later feel attached to them.

Ragnar Saturday a few weeks ago hit me with extreme…

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