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What Christmas (In April) Looks Like to a Cyclist


April 2014

Cyclist's Christmas

A Cyclist’s Christmas

This is what $100 of awesome looks like.  My estimation is that this will last about half of the season, maybe a little less with Mrs. Bgddy riding too.  Now, we can all go back and forth about whether or not you agree with my choices but there’s a fair amount of trial and error in that little stack right there and I bought everything from shops that I like to support so I’m happy (and that is what’s important after all).

I stick with the Roctane Gu’s because they taste way better than standard Gu and they have caffeine.  The Jelly Belly Energy Beans are simply awesome.  They taste fantastic and they make my mouth happy while riding, even if they’re really tough to open while rolling.  The ERG bars, at between 450 and 500 calories each, are incredibly easy to eat while rolling and they really provide an excellent boost.  The Perpetuem is meant for longer hauls and I simply love it.  The taste is alright at best, but once I found out how well it worked, I had no problem living with the taste.  It’s amazing stuff.

The trick to all of that crap is that it serves a perfect purpose:  That stuff makes a century more fun.

And if it can do that for a century, guess what it can do for a metric century.

*Let’s face it, Christmas to a cyclist looks like a new bike (or two) but when you’ve already got two new bikes (8 months and 2 months) and you’re exceptionally pleased with both, plus you’ve got sound backups for each, a new bike just isn’t necessary – I’m lovin’ life as it is.  A bunch of performance nutrition goodies is more than adequate.


  1. Half a season, damn some people go through that stuff in a couple of week, regardless of if it is a century ride or not. I cannot do Gu/Gel at all, as I get a gagging reflect. Love the beans though.

  2. How often to you take in calories on your century rides? Every ten miles? How do you handle nutrition on those long rides?

    • bgddyjim says:

      I don’t have a set schedule… I’ll take a bit of Perpetuem Water every once in a while, eat maybe every 25. I do have to eat a little sooner. I have a tendency to try to stretch that out too far. I do try to eat before I’m hungry and drink before I’m thirsty. I’m just a little off with the cold weather.

  3. PedalWORKS says:

    On every 2+ hour training ride, I start with a pre-workout drink, have 1-2 gels during the ride, electrolyte water and a post-workout drink. All products from Vega – all plant based products. The key for me is to drink and eat regularly. If I stretch it out more than an hour (and I am working hard) it is too late. I like to use these products every ride so that I am accustomed to them when I do a longer ride.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Nice! The Perpetuem has everything a speeding cyclist needs and more. Fortunately I’m not restricted by a diet. You’re right about the hour mark, that is too long – unless I’m going less than two. In that case I can muscle it out no worries. Thanks for commenting brother.

  4. saltyvelo says:

    I used to choke down perpetuem, but found it wasn’t worth since it lacked any electrolytes. Of course, I found out the hard way sitting on the side of gas station in Texas in 100*+ temps, 150 miles into a 250 mile ride.

    I’m also trying to train my body to do more with less – I’m slowly cutting back on carb and water consumption.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Ouch! I like the Perpetuem because I feel more lively on a ride with it than without. I do still hammer the Gatorade though.

      I’m with you on eating less but I won’t mess with the hydration. Buddy of mine tried that and found out the hard way that not drinking enough can make you pass out – while you’re pedaling. Busted his face up pretty good, cracked his helmet, whole nine yards. Please be careful with that one my friend.

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