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I’ve never been so happy to be a cyclist…


April 2014

I’ve had it up to here (points to the crown of his noggin) with the BAA and complaints about “bandits”. While I don’t run much at all anymore, having only been out of the sport for a year (I do volunteer to ride the leaders out for the big local running race), I still consider myself part of the family. I’m having second thoughts.

What surprises me is the anger with said bandits. First, the move to ban bandits in the first place strikes me as odd. The two losers who messed with the race last year were cowards, punks, bitches and spectators. Why make a big deal about bandits? Running gear is in no way conducive to concealment, therefore to attack so-called “bandits” with such ferocity gives the appearance that they’re attacking the horse who saw the fox enter the hen house. It makes no sense to me.

Add to that the viscousness with which bloggers are going after these bandits, Chelsa Whatshername to name the only one you’ll hear of by name, and I’m thanking God I traded my running shoes for something with a carbon fiber sole.

Show up to our rides, paid or not, and you’re in. I’ve never heard of the organizers turning anyone away, let alone other participants. In fact, I regularly pay extra just in case (I pay the first day after the prices go up – for a ride, at least here, this creates no additional cost but does provide extra revenue).

Show up to the Assenmacher 100. I’ll give you the Jelly Belly beans out of my amply stocked back pocket. That’s how cyclists roll.

There is no doubt we cyclists have some funny and often obnoxious rules but they’re all in good fun. No, in order to raise ire on this level in the cycling community, you actually have to hurt someone. You have to do some damage.

So, for the dastardly crime that Chelsa committed: Wanting to run and finish, Boston with her husband (who couldn’t last year), the rich must be impaled on their greed yet again. They must be lied about and demonized because they cheated the system (like dozens of other non-wealthy folk who did the same thing – but you won’t hear their name).

For what? For a couple of punks defiling the race. Last year.

Now that I’m thinking about it, if you do show up to ride this year, I’ve got a gently worn pair of $125 Adidas running shoes that I’ll throw in with those jelly beans from my back pocket. I don’t need ’em anymore.

To wrap this up, I’ll take this back to a failure of my own. A failure that I’ve been busting my ass to correct for a long time. I must always do my best to remember: Tuesday night ain’t the Tour de Fuckin’ France. I must be an ambassador for the sport that I love. When I go off on my “whiners suck” rants, as rare as they may be now, I am failing to make my sport attractive. It is through attraction, not promotion, that the sport I love will flourish.

Just a thought.

All I’m asking is why the anger? I can’t find anyone around me to explain it… They all agree with my understanding of the situation.

UPDATE: This post was written while I was a little amped up and I just realized that not everyone in the world may be abreast of the kerfuffle going on with the Boston Marathon Bandits. There are several people who run that race without paying to, they call them bandits. While I am against “banditing” though I have used a friend’s bib once or twice (I once ran the Crim as Mary and sadly I didn’t shave my legs back then). I am also vehemently against these jerks who won’t allow runners to transfer a bib if injured. Don’t even get me started (I’m looking at you Bayshore Marathon).


  1. Sandra says:

    Clearly cycling events are cheaper to organize than running events. Yeah. That’s it.

  2. my1sttrirace says:

    You were on a roll. All sports have their own hang ups. Have you been in a Cat 1-2 road race? Not the friendliest place. The coolest group I have raced with is ultra runners. Everyone is a little crazy, and laid back.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I haven’t raced. I’ve had several friends that I ride with suggest I should get into it but I just don’t have the desire to make work out of cycling. I ride with a couple of aloof guys but even they are cool once you get to know them (and they can trust you not to crash them). You’re right and the tough part with running is that anyone run with the big dogs (though tri’s are the same). With cycling races even a three minute miler isn’t good enough.

  3. Jim,
    We don’t know the names of the other runners. Runners do support each other and it’s not unusual for a runner to stop during a race to help someone who is having a bad day. Runners are a very friendly group.
    Maybe we feel violated yet again. Maybe for those of us whose numbers were copied it feels more personal.?
    Most runners I have spoken with feel the bandits were in the wrong, but there’s not much that can be done about them.
    We also do not want their shinanigans to cast a shadow on this year’s Boston Marathon.
    It is interesting to learn what cycling racing is like.
    Thanks for a great conversation.

    • bgddyjim says:


      I don’t mean any disrespect my friend, like I wrote, I think the anger is misplaced, that’s all. Bandit runners pose no threat whatsoever – it just seems like a distraction. I’d rather see them crack down on terrorists with bombs in their backpacks. Know what I’m sayin’?

      • Absolutely. fortunatley, it’s only a distrction now and not during the race.
        I’m hoping next time they let runners take those clear bags to Hopkinton.
        I understant what you are saying and take no offense. I think you feel the same.
        One of the great things about blogging is that we get to have these conversations.

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