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What Christmas (In April) Looks Like to a Cyclist

Cyclist's Christmas

A Cyclist’s Christmas

This is what $100 of awesome looks like.  My estimation is that this will last about half of the season, maybe a little less with Mrs. Bgddy riding too.  Now, we can all go back and forth about whether or not you agree with my choices but there’s a fair amount of trial and error in that little stack right there and I bought everything from shops that I like to support so I’m happy (and that is what’s important after all).

I stick with the Roctane Gu’s because they taste way better than standard Gu and they have caffeine.  The Jelly Belly Energy Beans are simply awesome.  They taste fantastic and they make my mouth happy while riding, even if they’re really tough to open while rolling.  The ERG bars, at between 450 and 500 calories each, are incredibly easy to eat while rolling and they really provide an excellent boost.  The Perpetuem is meant for longer hauls and I simply love it.  The taste is alright at best, but once I found out how well it worked, I had no problem living with the taste.  It’s amazing stuff.

The trick to all of that crap is that it serves a perfect purpose:  That stuff makes a century more fun.

And if it can do that for a century, guess what it can do for a metric century.

*Let’s face it, Christmas to a cyclist looks like a new bike (or two) but when you’ve already got two new bikes (8 months and 2 months) and you’re exceptionally pleased with both, plus you’ve got sound backups for each, a new bike just isn’t necessary – I’m lovin’ life as it is.  A bunch of performance nutrition goodies is more than adequate.

Nutrition During Endurance Competition

Christos, a good blog friend of mine, has written a triathlon training book. This post, reblogged, is an excerpt from the book. Check it out, the man knows his stuff. And if it piques your interest, the kindle version is $10 on Amazon (my wife bought a copy).


Glycogen is the form in which carbohydrates are stored in our bodies and can be found in the liver and muscles.

Since the muscles have a greater overall surface area than the liver, a larger amount of glycogen (referred to as muscle cell glycogen) is stored there. Specifically, adults have about 2.6-3.5 ounces (75-100 grams) of carbohydrates stored in their liver glycogen and 10.6-14 ounces (300-400 grams) in their muscle cell glycogen. One of the processes taking place in the body of an athlete during an endurance race is that the stored amount of muscle cell glycogen can become twice as high as that of people who do not do sports.

In competitions that last over an hour, such as a marathon or triathlon, the glycogen reserve becomes exhausted, making nutrition during the competition an important factor. The stored glycogen (polysaccharides) is constantly broken down and converted into glucose (monosaccharides)…

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Specialized Black Belt Flat Protection: All You Need to Know (and See)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s 2,000 effusive words on Specialized’s Black Belt protected tires, in this case, the Turbo Elite road tire:


I rode between 16 and 20 miles on that tire after the gash over bumps, gravel and sand… Without a flat.  In fact, I found this before my afternoon ride yesterday and still rode on it to the shop to get my new tire (figured hey, it’ll make a good post).

The tire retails for $40 (not $75 like some brands that rhyme with Monte and start with a C). In a sport that can kill the heftiest of bank accounts, it’s nice to see something perform that well for half the cost of some of the others. It’s even nicer to have them on my bike.

No Going Back

I don’t know what to say, I’m almost a little misty over this post. I started following Aaron (Chatter) from the beginning. This is his “woohoo! I made it” post. Give the brother a hand.

Chatter Gets Fit

Now and Then.  The left picture was from my last 5k race and the one on the right is from my first 5k race in October. Left picture was from a mid season 5k in 2013 and the Right picture was from my first 5k  in October of 2012

If you have not noticed I have been pretty absent lately.  Since I got back from Ragnar Trails Atlanta (details here) I just have not felt like writing.  Of course I could blame fatigue or writers block or being busy, but to be honest I have no clue why I have been so complacent on this blog and commenting on posts lately.  Maybe its tied into post Ragnar depression or linked to exhaustion resulting from the intensity of my training routine.

Victorious! Ragnar Trails Atlanta was one of the pinnacle running experiences of my short athletic career.  I shared this adventure with seven complete stranger and I  even a few weeks later feel attached to them.

Ragnar Saturday a few weeks ago hit me with extreme…

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Perspective 101…

Sent from Mrs. Bgddy this morning:


National “Take Your Child to Work Day”… They Picked a Good One

Today is National Take Your Child to Work Day and they picked a good one. My daughters get to go with me to the Trademark attorney’s office followed by heading to my office to complete a project that’s due today. From there we’ll head out to lunch and then back to the office to start on another project that’s due tomorrow – a rain day.

I’m of two minds on NTYCTW day.  On one hand, it’s a serious pain in my butt having to herd the kids around and to work my schedule around having them.  On the other hand, once a year my daughters get to see that what their dad does isn’t simply a walk in the park.  In the end the benefit outweighs the trouble as they get to see that I have to work really hard to get my few easy perks, like heading home a little early on a nice afternoon to go for a bike ride before taking the girls to swim practice.  In fact, it’s 6 am and I’ve already been on the computer for two hours now.  Five minutes catching up on comments for the blog that came in overnight, twenty five minutes catching up on new posts and ten minutes to write this one.  The other hour and twenty has been spent working on, well, work.

Love to spend more time pontificating, but it’s time to get ready to go get ’em.

Work hard.  Play harder.

Remember To Love the Effort

I went out for the most therapeutic sixteen mile ride I’ve been on in at least six months today. Sunny, a fair breeze (10-15 mph NNW) and a temp in the mid-50’s.

Yesterday was a wash with winds topping 30 mph… I did the seven mile warmup and packed it in. Too dangerous for a club ride. Only a handful showed up. And I was down on myself for not manning up, even if it wasn’t safe.

Today I was all by myself. Nobody to chase, nobody to attack. Just me and the effort. I started out into the wind, same route I always ride, and let the hum-bugs get me down a bit before I found my spirit again after two or three hundred feet. I tucked down in the drops and hammered the pedals. Eight of the first nine miles, all into the wind and I was pushing for everything I had. Then I finally turned west with a helping crosswind and picked up the pace, still in the drops. One mile to turning south and I started to feel good. Not better, but good… I turned south to head home, breathing heavy and sweating. Straining to keep a round efficient stroke and my cadence up. Two miles from home and I’m headed west with that helping tailwind again and I’m crankin’. My inner-child let’s out an internal “Woohoo”! and I’m feeling it again. Last mile, south with the wind mainly at my back. This is the point where I’ll usually take it easy and cool down but that inner-child has me out of the saddle before I’m through the turn, cranking the pedals for all I’m worth to get the cadence up. No way I’m taking this mile easy. Now I’m joining my inner-child, almost giddy… “We’re taking this all the way to the driveway”, I tell him.

I didn’t physically have my arms raised in the air, forefingers pointing to Heaven, but I felt it.

“That’s right“, I think… “I love this shit”!

Every once in a while I get lost in everything. I’m so freaking busy, it’s getting to a point I don’t know what the next right thing to do is.

Then I have a ride like that, that brings me back, puts that smile on my face and spring in my step.

I forgot for a minute: I love the effort.