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72 miles: 31 Miles of Character Building

Today was the pick day of the weekend. 20% chance of rain early (turned out that 20% was 100% that I’d get sprinkled on for ten minutes) followed by 20-25 mile an hour winds out of the northwest and temps in the low 50’s (ridiculously cold for this time of year but what can you do?). I rode to the shop to meet everyone. Three of my best cycling buds were all that showed, that was it, four of us. Now the way the weather channel called it we should have made it to our destination before the wind really kicked up. In other words we we supposed to fight a baby breeze on the way out and get blown back home… That’s not how it went down.

The wind kicked up within the first five miles and the four of us had to battle it all the way out. When we got to Chesaning we were some huffing and puffing fellows. It was absolutely brutal. We had a nice cup of coffee at a little downtown diner, had a nice chat and hit the road.

Riding in rough, strong wind builds character, and legs.

Folks, character was built on this day. My normal output is between 220-300 watts. Today, for 30 miles, it was 300-425. That’ll muscle a fella up in a hurry.

The ride home was a blast, lots of conversation and taking advantage of the wind that had tossed us about for two hours. Longest ride of the year and my miles, though I haven’t been tracking, are way up from last year at this time. Last year it was June before I did anything more than the 100k Ride for Recovery.

One could complain about the wind or the two mile pulls on the way out. Still beats a day at the office by an order of magnitude.

Speaking of Cool Bikes…

Go ahead and Google “cool bikes” and you’ll get a bunch of crap bikes that might be enticing to a patchouli wearing, veggie crunching hipster but would be useless to a road cycling enthusiast – I’d sooner install a basket and panniers on my 5200 than ride a city/urban bike.

Now, please don’t take me the wrong way here; I have nothing against the hipsters, veggie munchers or the sit-up gang (referring to the posture atop the bicycle). I just don’t have a desire to ride anything that slow unless there is a 75% chance of getting muddy in addition to riding on dirt tracks with staggeringly ridiculous root strewn climbs and harrowing rock studded descents.  It’s just how I roll.  It’s my genes’ fault.

With the exception of that first link (I looked through every link on the first page) though, most everything was dull or dumb – that first link actually has some promise.  Of all the links that I looked at, my least favorite bike of all was “Basszilla”, a bicycle with enough speaker to deafen you and piss off your neighbors so much that they’d be likely to put you out of your misery permanently. That first link though, well you be the judge:

Now that’s a cool bike. Put some drop bars and brifters on that sexy thing and you’ve really got something. It’s claimed to be a Time Trial bike by ORYX but on closer inspection it’s more of a cross between a track bike and a TT bike because it’s only a single speed. The chain ring and crank is enclosed in the bike frame and rather than a Quick Release skewer, the wheels have a pushbutton release. There are some drivetrain issues I’d need to see worked out, namely the addition of a ten or eleven speed rear end and a two speed chain ring to allow for heavy climbing but I’d buy that bike in a second if it was priced within my reach.

Oh yeah, and it’s a rightie:

Oh, and if you haven’t seen this article before, here are ten tips to avoid looking uncool