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The Benefits of Cycling in the Middle of Nowhere (and Cycling with the Right People)

I consider myself to be an incredibly lucky cyclist. I’m slow enough that I can’t hang with the A-group but I’m fast enough to be one of the horses for the B-group – and the B-group happens to have the LBS shop owner in it, along with a bunch other great guys.  We also live in a great town for cycling: 1 hour away from Detroit and Lansing and fifteen minutes from Flint. In other words, I’m close to everything but I’m far enough out in the country that we can ride in relative safety on roads where motorists don’t get silly about us taking up part of a lane.  Not only that, riding with the local shop owner has some immense perks, chief among them having access to the best cycling routes in the area.  Whether we’re riding down to Lansing, up to Chesaning, up to St. Charles, through Fenton and Linden, up to Lake Nepassing or down to Brighton, I know I’ll be on the safest roads possible.

Being in the right group, as far as speed goes, has its advantages as well.  Our Tuesday night club ride has folks from all of the local groups, A through C so I get a chance to ride with guys who are vastly faster than I am.  I have that opportunity to get faster but when it’s time for the weekend rides, I get to help out the guys I ride with and enjoy the ride a little more than on Tuesday.

Add to that my weekly rides with my wife and as far as staying fit goes, I don’t know how I could have it any better.

Cycling in a great area, with the right people has me in that enjoyable perfect zone where everything simply works.  I get to work hard, have fun and take it easy enjoying time with my wife all in a week’s rides.  It would be a stretch to say it’s all good times and noodles salad, Tuesday night is always pretty tough, but even Tuesday night is a lot of fun.

Now I’ll have to look at a new location for my office so I can commute both ways and just leave my truck at the office.  Now that would be sweet…

That said, I am blessed to know where I belong in the cycling community and to not be envious of those who are faster than I am.  To be certain, the only thing between me and the A group is me and a lot of hard work, but that’s really the point:  By knowing where I fit, choosing to be happy with that and doing what’s necessary to make sure that I’m one of those guys people want to have ride with them, I get the best that cycling has to offer.