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Headsweats Shorty: The Answer to Tweener Long Ride Days

I woke up Sunday, three hours before our scheduled long ride up to Chesaning Michigan, looking at a big, fat 40 cloudy degrees looking back at me on my iPhone screen. Not what I wanted to see. If everything went to the weather channel’s plans, it’s be 50 within an hour or two. Too warm for a hat but the start out temp was a little too cool for comfort. I also started out with my short gloves, opting to carry my full-fingers just in case. I was pulled over after the first mile, clawing them out of their respective pockets. 40 sucks at 18 mph with bare fingers. 4-1/2 miles later I pulled into the shop to meet everyone, no warmer than when I started…and with a cold melon. The wind, virtually non-existent, was scheduled to ramp up to 20 knots (22 mph give or take) by the time we reached the turnaround.

That’s when I remembered that the shop carries Headsweats. When Matt opened up to let us use the facilities, I asked if I could take the red one and owe him.

And that’s how my love affair with the Headsweats Shorty began.

It’s the perfect tweener day cap, and when the mercury started to climb, it locked in the sweat and was light enough to not overheat me. I almost forgot it was there. I still have a full head of hair so take that into account, but it’s really a great, light cap.