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Sun, Warmth and Almost 90 Miles, A Nice Three Days

May 2014

Spring is finally here.

I was finally able to cut most of the grass on Saturday (too much standing water on about a tenth of our two acres), and went for five rides since Friday afternoon. Yup, five. Hit a hard 16 by myself, then six more with Mrs. Bgddy – the threat of severe weather had us cutting it short, turning tail and heading for home in a hurry. After cutting the grass and with the girls at a friend’s house, my wife and I went out for a great 25-1/2 miler (almost 16 mph average). Then yesterday, for Mother’s Day, we took the kids for a ten miler on the mountain bikes on the dirt roads and I followed that up with another 25-1/2 after.

If I’d had my druthers, I’d certainly have liked to fit a long ride in there somewhere but hey, it’s Mothers Day weekend and considering, I’m more than happy with what I got. Also, when you consider that I did end up with almost 180 miles for the week, it’s all good for early May.

Overall, training wise (if you would call it that, too much fun in there to call it “training”), I’m feeling quite strong. I’ve really made some great strides in the last few weeks and I’m feeling like mid-season form isn’t too far off.

As far as weight goes, I’m in great shape. My winter pounds, the extra few, are gone.

I’m having as much fun as a guy can hope to have. I’m enjoying that cyclist’s high (oh yes, we get it too, and a lot more often) after almost every ride. In short, life is good and getting better. One day at a time, concentrating on doing the next right thing at any given moment. The only way I know to roll happy.

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