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Gluten Sensitivity: It’s In Your Head.

Are you one of those folks who, even though you don’t have celiac disease, feels much better having shunned gluten from your diet?

Unfortunately the science shows there’s a 100% chance that’s either in your head or something else in your diet, entirely.

I know, you’re going to say that an Australian scientist showed that gluten sensitivity is real. Unfortunately that very same guy just reversed that study with a new study that showed respondents, not knowing whether they were on a gluten free, low gluten or standard diet, reported the exact same symptoms for all three diets… And the best part is that the scientist went all “next level” on the study. If you wish to know just how far he went, check this article out.  In a stroke of genius, the scientist also made each person their own control.

Here’s the important sentence: “In contrast to our first study… we could find absolutely no specific response to gluten.”

So there you have it folks, that gluten sensitivity is in your head.  You don’t really feel better than me, you feel better than you, because you quit the gluten.  The power of the mind is an amazing thing. Your brain makes it so.

The important thing, ladies and gentlemen, is that you can once again enjoy that burger on a bun.

The Best Club Ride of My Short Cycling Life: A Kid In A Candy Store

In yesterday’s post I explained in detail why I choose not to race, one of my favorite cycling posts in quite a while, written on a fluke even but percolating for up to a year now, I made a fair case for why I don’t get into racing…

Then I have an evening ride like last night.  I had more fun than a guy should have with his clothes on.  I attacked the group solo, twice (truth is, we all knew I’d blow up so nobody bothered coming with).  Once approaching 40 mph on a 30 mph downhill.  I wasn’t off the front for long, only a couple of miles the first time and maybe a mile for the second… Not much, but I’m a guy who is clinging onto the back by my teeth when the lead group starts thinning out.

The funny thing is after that first attack, I was sure I’d fall off the back to ride the rest alone… Imagine my surprise when I talked myself into latching back on and stayed with the group.   The attack was ill-advised and quite noob-ish as we were only ten miles (16k) into the 30 mile (48k) ride and I knew there was no way I was staying up front.  What started this whole thing was after a pull I signaled I was done and started to fall back, only to have the third guy from the front open up a hole for me… There were six guys behind him and he wanted me third from the front.  I dutifully took the spot before thinking better of it…  It was too soon to gas myself and I was already riding on hammered legs from Sunday – and I didn’t bother to take a day off on Monday because the weather was too nice.  If I stayed up front I doubted I’d have the legs for the hills coming up in another ten miles. I announced “not tonight boys” and fell to the back for a needed respite.  Unfortunately the back was a discombooberated mess.  Single file, stragglers all over, yo-yo-ing… So I sat back there long enough to catch my breath and much to my surprise, I recovered quickly.  I thought, “the heck with it”.  I pulled out to the left, near the yellow, while upshifting…  And I put the hammer down.  I went from dead last all the way to the front and flew by the leader.  I’d guess somewhere around 27-28 mph on the flat and with a crosswind from the left – and I just kept going.  I had to wait at a stop sign for a car to pass and the gang darn near caught me.  The second the car passed I hit the gas and pulled away with a tailwind. I managed to stay up for the next mile before getting swallowed up.

I was 👌this close to sitting up and I had a change of heart. I simply thought, “nope, I’m not giving up tonight. It’s not happening”.  I stayed in the rotation, doing my duty up front, and I felt good.  Go figure.

Then we got to the start of the hills.  I figured I was done for but I was mistaken.  We hit a long, decent downhill where Dave, one of the masters racers attacks when he’s on his tandem to carry momentum to the coming uphill (climbing on a tandem, in case you didn’t know, sucks).  Last night he was on his Merckx and he was up front so when he didn’t go, naturally I thought it would be funny if I did.  So again, I went all the way from the back and flew by the leaders with a smile stretched from ear to ear. I don’t actually know how fast I was going but the normal speed down that hill for the group is around 32-34 mph. I had to be close to 40 (64 km/h).

Then I finally let myself blow up.  I pulled way to the left and let everyone go by.  On the way up the hill a few more guys fell of, three and a tandem.  I caught my breath for a few seconds and set about reeling them in.

I caught up and we took the shortcut (keeps the ride at 30 in lieu of 33 miles) and we set about getting home with the sky starting to threaten a wet finish.  Between Mike and I and the tandem we kept a pretty decent pace going into the last mile when Phil came up from the back and started an attack with a cross-headwind.  I joined and went by Phil, way too early for a sprint finish.  I did my best to stay off but they reeled me back in at over 30 mph (according to Mike’s computer)…

Now, I had more fun on this ride than on any previous Tuesday night since my first club ride.  I should have dropped off the back three times but I managed to stick with it…  And it was almost all mental.  I simply refused to give up.  I don’t always have that in me but at the same time I proved to myself that I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.  I was the kid in a candy store and it was a blast.

By the way, for each of these little attacks, I made sure I didn’t leave anyone behind me in the lurch before I went.