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Happy 3rd Cycling Anniversary: It’s Been A Big Week… Cycling and Sobriety

May 2014

Today is my third cycling anniversary, so that means that my brother from another country, BikeVCar, is celebrating his shortly as well – in addition to celebrating he and his wife’s first child.  Happy anniversary my friend.  As for me, I’ve never been happier.  Cycling has made every aspect of my life happier.

It’s been a big couple of weeks… I’ve picked up an absolute ton of work and one of my guys had his vehicle motor blow up on him.  Because of that I made a decision: I went to my local car dealership yesterday and bought my first brand new vehicle – ever, so I could sell my old truck to my supervisor.  The only question was should I pay it off when I pick it up or make payments for the tax advantages of doing so (it’s a company car)… They’re polishing and gassing it up so I can pick it up later on this morning.

I’m going to keep this post pretty short because I’ve got a lot of work to do to get ready for this holiday weekend but something struck me as I was heading out to my Thursday night meeting: I wish my dad could have seen this.  He’d have been proud to see me waltz into a dealership, sign my name on a piece of paper (no co-signers, trying to come up with financing or high interest rates) and drive out of there with a new ride. I’ve always been pretty cheap so having a new car seemed pretty silly.  I always thought it much better to buy a used car and let someone else pay the depreciation, but my dad was always a new car kind of guy.  He placed weight on the quality of life inherent in being able to drive a new vehicle.

So rather than dwell on his being gone, I called my mom and told her about it.  We talked and had a good laugh reminiscing about my dad and a few recent political items that drive her nuts and how ironic it was that she’d shifted to an understanding my father would have cheered.

If you’ve followed this blog for any time, you know that my drinking past was a terrible mess. To keep this simple and short for those who haven’t, I was one step from the gutter before I got sober. By that I mean as close to homeless as one can be without sitting in a gutter, morally and spiritually bankrupt.  It took years to learn how to be responsible, productive member of society, to learn how to have a fun life without king alcohol.  It took decades to build a really good life for myself. It took risks and sacrifice and gray hair and the support of the most awesome match of a wife I could ever have asked for. It took getting off the couch when I’d rather have slept in, it took digging in when getting hammered to escape would have been easier… It took “want to”.  Every now and again I get one of those moments where I can look back over the last 20+ years and say, “wow, this sobriety thing is pretty awesome”.  This is one of them.  Even though my dad passed away knowing I’d be okay, this day would have put a smile on his face.  It does mine.


  1. Paige says:

    And a very happy anniversary to you! High five from the Deep South!!

  2. aaronwest says:

    I cannot wait to someday meet in person and compare stories. One day at a time, brother ..

  3. sueslaght says:

    A great post. Congrats on this excellent day. I smile thinking of how proud your Dad would be.

  4. tischcaylor says:

    Happy anniversary! Hard to believe you’ve only been cycling for three years — you’ve certainly made the most of them.

  5. elisariva says:

    Happy Anniversary! I am grateful you got on the bike that day, your blog has shared so much. (And your dad knows – heaven has windows)

  6. Geek is good! Well done for getting out & getting on, here’s to the next few. All the best from Scotland.

  7. Happy Anniversary my friend! You have faced adversity like a boss and I admire your tenacity and positivity! 🙂

  8. bikevcar says:

    Happy anniversary to you too brother x

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