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For the Last Time… Cycling Is NOT Expensive…

Well, I wrote “the Last Time”… It most certainly won’t be, but I digress.

Cycling, and I mean going all in as far as I could afford – and going as far as I have chosen to certainly isn’t necessary – has cost me, if I’m fair about it…  hang on a second… carry the one… $8,500 give or take a buck or two (or $2,833 per year though that yearly cost will be going down now that I have…well, everything).  Now, we’re not even talking about my wife and kids yet, that’s just me but that figure takes everything into account:  Four bikes, aero bars, parts, fittings, pedals, shoes, socks, shorts, leg warmers, arm warmers, jerseys, jackets, sunglasses, helmets and head covers, minus food (add in the additional food and we can call it an even ten grand).  That is a lot of money, but if you think that’s expensive you’re not, I guarantee you, taking everything into account.  You’re not looking at it in its full context.

You’re not taking into account what I won’t be paying for.

Thanks to Obamacare, my deductible is something like ten grand.  I won’t be blowing that (given the choice, which would you prefer to blow ten thousand bucks on?  Bikes and gear, or your healthcare deductible?!).

Let’s see, I won’t be spending $15,000 on COPD surgery (whatever that is).  I won’t be paying $3,000-$15,000 for an angioplasty.  I won’t be paying $40,000 for a joint replacement.  You get the idea?

Let’s dig a little deeper.  I’m not paying $20,000 a year for a Cadillac health plan because I’m sick all of the time…  More like $6,000 a year (for the math challenged, that’s a savings of $14,000 each and every year…give or take a buck or two).

I won’t be blowing a few grand a year on a shrink.  I won’t be blowing money on Weight Watchers.  I won’t be blowing money on gastric bypass, diabetes, etc. etc. etc ad infinitum.

Now let’s see, blow my entire retirement package on healthcare because I’m fat, or spend ten grand on bikes and gear, having the opportunity to ride the McLaren of bicycles every day, then just for fun, take a ride on the monster truck of mountain bikes every now and again just to shake things up…  Hmmm.  Let me think about that one real hard.

Look, I’m not saying I’m a saint and that I won’t ever get sick because I ride a bicycle.  The simple truth is, however, that $8,500 I spent on cycling is a wiser investment on my future and the cost pales in comparison to a gold-plated healthcare plan.  And we all know that obesity is the number one easily preventable healthcare cost known to…everyone.

So yes, cycling costs a pretty penny (it’s certainly more expensive than running), but when you look at that cost in context and consider that you don’t have to take it as far as I chose to, cycling is cheap baby.