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A Logger’s Creed – If It’s Not Logged It Didn’t Happen


June 2014

I can so relate to this…

Fat Slow Triathlete

StopwatchThis is almost like a job isn’t it?

So much of the training we have been doing is tied to data. From the very beginning we track our mile pace on the run, or how fast our overall pace is on the bike. We become obsessed with our 100m split in the pool and how that will translate to Open Water once the time comes. Pace watches are not just a nice thing to have, they have become a necessity, needed to track pace and heart rate over the course of a workout. Want to see a triathlete FREAK out? See what happens when his Garmin dies in the middle of a run or worse even, a race, or if s/he forgets to hit START after a water break and loses a mile of data. I’m telling ya people, the working status of your toys can be the difference between…

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  1. sxeveganbiking says:

    Weird timing! My Garmin 310xt ran out of juice on yesterday’s run. I logged it manually.

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