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My Venge Goes Under the Knife, So to Speak.

June 2014

My Venge is ill. She’s developed a nervous tick. Under light pressure, cruising pressure, there’s either no noise or a very slight tick on the left side (non-drive side) it’s technically a “tick, tick” at the top of each pedal stroke (both sides)… Under a heavy load it’s several ticks in succession through the full power stroke, both sides.

Before we get into this, it’s not (and I know it’s not because I’ve taken steps to eliminate all of these): The pedals (put them on the 5200, no clicking). The cassette: Took it apart, it’s lubed and tight. The chain ring bolts: Lubed and tight. It’s not an installation problem with the crank itself: All of the parts are, there are only three to the whole crank assembly, installed properly and lubed.  It’s not where the spokes cross (rear wheel is two-cross on the non-drive side) the shop owner tried this one.  It’s not the pulleys on the rear derailleur.

So, with all of the easy items checked and rechecked, lubed and relubed, all verified by the shop, the problem is beyond my knowledge.  We’re leaning towards a bottom bracket bearing issue but we’ll have to see.  After dropping it off at the shop Monday afternoon, I dropped by to pick it up before yesterday’s club ride, expecting a simple explanation of the noise, figuring I’d missed something.  No such luck.  They’d taken the bearings out and lock-tite’ed them into the frame, and rechecked the entire crank assembly.  Then they took apart the steering assembly, cleaned it, re-lubed it and put it all back together…  Nothing.  Basically we they couldn’t figure it out either.  So while I was there we even swapped out the rear wheel with another bike, triple-checked that the seat post bolts were tightened to the proper torque – all to no avail.  Tick, tick, tick, tick…  Tick, tick, tick, tick…  A few milliseconds in between each tick.

I’ll be calling the shop later this morning to figure out what the next move is.

Bummer indeed.


  1. Had a similar thing, turned out to be the end of a cable flicking gently against my shoe, not enough to feel though. Bent the cable end back – result!

  2. Kecia says:

    I hope she feels better soon!!

  3. fastk9dad says:

    Good luck. She’ll be alright. Sometimes bikes can be quirky.

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