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Naked and Stupid…

June 2014

I’ve been struggling with morbid curiosity after seeing commercials for the cable show “Naked and Afraid”.  I was raised better than a cheap thrill but c’mon man…

Also, being a survival show junky, I thought maybe it’d make some funny TV.

I made it ten minutes – I’d have kept it to five but I had to get to the part where the chick dropped trou, right?

I am, no exaggerating here, dumber for having watched even ten minutes of that TV show. Hate to say it but mom was right. Cheap thrills just aren’t worth it.

I’ll never make the mistake of watching that turd of a show again. The main question I had to come to grips with (knowing the answer of course “naked on TV makes for good ratings”): I am not dumb enough to get caught outdoors without the proper clothing… Why would I want to watch a show that puts people in that utterly ridiculous position?  Oh sure, they’ve got a flint striker and a knife, but no pants?  Yeah… Definitely not that dumb.


  1. Chatter says:

    Lol. I was stuck at a car dealership for four hours where the TV was fixed on Honey Boo Boo marathon that another patron turned on before i showed up, I feel your pain.

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