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Not Every Ride Is An Epic Ride of Epicness

You ever notice how the word “epic” became the word of the day to replace “nice”, “good” or “fun” or even “awesome”?

I have maybe, in my entire cycling history, been on four rides that I would call “awesome” but probably nobody else would… Nor could they be referred to as “epic” by anyone:

My first club ride, which was also my first non-solo ride, in a group of more than 30 cyclists. It was a huge leap going from 16 mile training rides at 20 mph to that, 33 miles at speeds up to 28 on flat roads.

My first ever rides in the mountains. Going from southeastern (flat) Michigan to real mountain roads, being happy with a six minute mile and then breaking the posted 45 mph speed limit on the way back was something I won’t ever forget.

My first sub five hour century (4:36) and having done the first 58 miles at a 23-1/2 mph average on open roads, obeying stop signs and lights.

My solo 200km ride at the Pere-Marquette rail trail. Awesome simply because I was still very much a noob and I swallowed my fear and muscled out 125 miles in the middle of nowhere, with no help and more than 100 miles from home.

Then there was today’s 100 km with six of my best cycling buds… It was, absolutely not epic. Not even close. We did it in maybe 3:10 and just had a really fun time. I didn’t leave any of the contents of my stomach on the road but we weren’t watching paint dry either. It was simply a great, fun, social ride. I absolutely loved it. 100km on a banana, one full water bottle and a half a bottle of Perpetuem laced H2O.

While I do love the speed, I’m coming to really enjoy the nice, steady friendly “not epically filled with epic epicness suffer-fests”.

What a fun time those are. 184 miles for the week, and more calories burned than you can shake a stick at. Life, and balance, is good. Cycle well my friends.