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A Noob’s Guide to Saddle Sores and Cycling: Saddle Sore to Sore No More in Three Days – without a missed mile on the bike

Saddle sores and cycling go hand in hand, especially when you don’t use a chamois cream – and I don’t.  I do believe that bike setup has a lot to do with how often we get them but every once in a while they’re due to an increase in miles and a lapse in, um “placement”.

So here I am on Tuesday night, halfway through my 30 mile club ride (37 with the warm up) and I realize that I’ve got a problem:  I can’t get comfortable on the saddle.

To many, this means several days off of the bike.  Not for me.  With my wife and kids away on vacation there was no way I was taking time off the bike… And I’ve got a century coming up tomorrow that I’ve wanted to do for years (lots of climbing).

Enter Aquaphor, my magic saddle sore no more healing ointment.  Applied liberally to the affected area twice a day and the soreness is almost a memory three days later – with no time off the bike.  In fact, I’ve increased my normal weekday training route by 25% with the wife and kids away.

So, if you’re new to cycling or a seasoned vet, if you find yourself with a saddle sore, give Aquaphor a try.  It’s great stuff.