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Daily Archives: July 30, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta roll…

I hate the winter. I hate rest days. I hate sick days. And I HATE rain days. I hate days off of my bikes.

Now, by rain, we’re not talking about a light rain, most anyone (me included) would ride in that. We’re talking about, “Hey, did God resurrect Noah when that movie came out?” rain. We’re talking, “Jeez, was that lightning or is Zeus pissed off again?”

I’m all for riding in that crap if I’m already out there and it just pops up but I’m not going to start with it like that either.

Today was one of those tweener days. One of those, maybe I’ll get lucky days, and after two days off in a row for “take shelter immediately” weather and some of the best, hardest work in my life, I didn’t care if it was a tweener day, daddy was getting his perspective straight today.

What a shock, an hour later (and a bunch of dodging rain drops) and I feel relieved. Happy. I feel good.

Thank God for bicycles… and cycling shorts, shoes, cleats, clip-less pedals, cycling jerseys, shades, dome covers and gloves. It will get better than this if I keep doing the next right thing, “it” always has… If it doesn’t though, if this is as good as it gets, that’ll be good enough.

I’m going to stop and call Hallmark before I blow all of my gushy stuff here. Good Lord!

Keep coming back, it works if you work it. I know it to be true.