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When a $4,000 Race Bike is Worth Every Penny – Part Two

I went out for another go on a nice, steep descent this morning… Something I failed to articulate in part one, that is incredibly important to this post: Fast on a $4,000 race bike (my Venge) is not the same as fast on a low-end bike. 40 miles per hour is scary on my Cannondale and 45 is a little spooky on my old 5200. The Venge is a different animal. Speeds over 50 mph don’t even evoke an afterthought… The ride is so solid it’s beautiful, hard to put into words really…

I didn’t hit the magic century mark (100 km/h) but I was close:

I got every last mph out of that hill too – pedaled the big gear to escape velocity, tucked as low as I could go, kept the legs tight to the frame to minimize drag… It was wonderful!

And it made me smile. Worth every penny.