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I’m Back

I’m back from my yearly week-long sabbatical to the mountains of northern Georgia and I’m full of some excessive pep… We’re do for some serious rain over the next couple of days so I had a small window through which to fit a ride rather than take three forced days off in a row (our last day in Georgia was a wash/fog out, then today and tomorrow at home – chance of rain and thunderstorms: 100%). I’ve got a meeting later this morning so rather than head into the office I knocked out a quick training ride. I was amazed at how much faster I was on that route than normal – I expect a nice bump after spending a week climbing hills on a daily basis, but this was ridiculous (more on this in the next post).

Normally I make a pretty big deal about heading down there and I write about my adventures daily. This year I wanted things to be a little different though…

Between work, family, cycling, a little jog every now and again and this blog, I lead a full and busy life and for once I wanted to give my wife and kids the most attentive me possible (read that present, mentally as well as physically) so I let the posts and reading the blogs I follow slide for a short while. I’d have given up work as well but I can never really escape work except weekends.

I’ve also been hiding couple of things over the last month…

I have a raging case of tendonitis in my right forearm/elbow. I know what the prescription is (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) but I’m simply not okay with that first part (Rest) so I’ve been rolling through the pain. The cause is a little trickier… First is cycling – my miles are way up and I’m riding harder and faster than ever. Second is writing posts on my iPhone – my arm is aching just writing this post (and it was just fine after I got off the bike and took my shower). Third has to do with posture and computer placement at the office. My chair is just a little low so I type at an odd angle. The problem is I can only drop the second item on the list without adverse effects in happiness and income. So my goal is to make it the next 2-1/2 months through the season to rest up over the winter (riding on the trainer is a lot easier on the arms and I’ll try to hunt down a better chair for the desk).

The other had to do with diet… I wanted to see for myself, with no hype or expectations, what a fast food diet would do to me. I’ve eaten some form of fast food every day for the last month. Every day, either for lunch, dinner or both on several days.

I look exactly like I did the day I started this, I haven’t gained a pound and I feel quite good.  In fact, thanks to that week in the mountains, my jeans fit better than day one (in the waist…  The thighs, well that’s another story).    Now the equation for this little experiment is highly relevant – but I did really lousy in algebra, so let me lay this out simply:  You take the number of Calories you would typically burn in a day (base only), then add the calories you burn in a day exercising… Then figure out the calories you eat, in a day – which should be slightly less than the amount you burned.  Do this on a consistent basis and you too can stay exactly where you are!  Now, this choice in diet isn’t for everyone.  Some people react differently to certain foods, some are even addicted to eating that way…  Look, I’m a recovering drunk and you won’t catch me around anything that even resembles alcohol unless I have a damned good reason for being there (and I am mentally capable of handling the situation).  If you happen to be one of those people who can’t turn down that third Whopper, for God’s sake, don’t try this.  A line from Gone In 60 Seconds (the Nick Cage version) comes to mind:  “I can’t swim so I stay my ass out the pool”.  It is what it is, we can complain and whine about it, but that won’t change much.

Now that the rocket science is over I’m looking forward to getting back to a more normal diet – if I see another Big Mac for a month, I’m liable to nod off in a dazed, befuddled stare.  Good Lord am I bored!