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Life has Never Been Bad Enough A Bike Ride Couldn’t Fix It…

For we avid cycling enthusiasts are a Blessed lot…

I arrived home from work today, absolutely stressed and questioning the wisdom of my career path. It was one of those days. Technically one of those months.

Too much work and too few guys to get it done in the little time we have left to get it done. That’s not the half of it.

One hour on the bike and I’m back, recharged and in charge…

“Maybe it’s not so bad after all. Of course it isn’t, we’re almost there. One day at a time.”

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can bring me back like 20 miles in an hour. There is a bunch of science out there that explains why but in all truth, I could care less – I just know it works and that’s all that matters.

Thank The Lord for carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel and rubber.