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End of Summer Weigh-In


August 2014

I wasn’t planning on riding down to the running club this morning. In fact I was thinking about just keeping today’s ride to 25 miles because my legs are pretty smoked after a nice 5k run on Thursday. Once I got going though, I threw the initial plan to the wind to make it an even 30.

The wind was dead out of the south so the ride down was a bear. Of course, that meant the ride home would be fast and fun.

I got down to Grateful Jim’s house, said hello to a few of the guys and went inside. I weighed myself for the first time since May, or maybe early June. I’m the exact same weight, 170 pounds.

This is, of course, the goal of most who pick up exercise to lose weight, to naturally regulate caloric intake and exercise – it certainly was a goal of mine.

Now, 170 is not my ideal cycling weight, 160 is. 170 is Mrs. Bgddy’s ideal weight for me. Hauling an extra ten pounds up a hill sucks but I choose to look at it a little differently… First, the extra weight will make me stronger – I just have to work a little harder for it. Second, it is what it is: Happy wife, happy life. I like a happy life a lot more than riding up a hill a little bit easier. It’s not even close. 😜

The return ride was almost as fun as I’d anticipated. As happens so often, the stinking wind shifted west a little bit. Oh well, better than a headwind.

Have an awesome weekend folks, we’ll be complaining about the snow soon enough.


  1. hi says:

    Mrs Bgddy is correct.

    (Women always are )

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    170 sounds healthy my friend and if Mrs thinks that’s beat I’m with her. 🙂 I beg you no mention of the S word. I remain in denial.

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