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A Great Excuse for a Two-a-Day…

I worked, until this morning, every day for the last two weeks, Sunday included. Now, I don’t earn a living physically, my work is mostly mental so while it’s a different kind of tired, when I’m cooked there’s a lot wrong – and I’m there.

As far as this blog goes, I’ve been so busy and stressed that my ability to write anything worthwhile has been sapped. Worse, I can’t spend an hour or two reading other’s posts after a 14 hour day, rather than spending a few hours with my family before crashing for the night. Even if I did have the time, difficulties with my last few projects have made concentrating on anything else near impossible. I gave every last bit I had to my wife and kids.

I spent much of yesterday on site, stupid-vising my guys and helping out where I could (mostly by buying everyone lunch) but we got the phase done – one day and four hours before school opened, which meant a day off today, finally.

My kids were staying at a friend’s house overnight so my wife and I went on a dinner-date last night and for a 16-mile mountain bike ride this morning. After that I cut the grass which was in desperate need of it.

So there I was, at 2:30, and I was done for the day. I could have taken a nap or polished the leather couch with my butt, however I opted to take the Venge out for a spin instead – nothing spectacular, just a nice, medium-fast ride and I feel a lot better for it.

It’s funny what a bike ride (or two in this case) can do for my mental state. As so many of us fitties have found, a good ride just sets my mind straight – it just so happens that I was messed up enough to require two to get the job done this time around.

Now it’s time to make my spectacular bacon burgers for dinner… I think I’ll have to run up to the market and pick up some noodle salad too. Sometimes a guy’s gotta have some noodle salad to remember that all of that work stuff is worth it in the long run.

UPDATE:  Yup, noodle salad, along with my perfect medium burgers, made dinner perfect.