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Middle Season Retrospective

This man’s story is absolutely amazing… Check him out, please.

Chatter Gets Fit

The end of August marks the end of the second 3rd of my yearlong progression.  For a reason I cannot remember I decided to split this year into thirds instead of quarters and use that metric to analyse and plan and regroup for the next.

Triathlon Goals:

After the race with my 3rd place medal on. 2nd Triathlon In Jacksonville, I got third place in the Clydesdale division.

The beginning of this quarter , beginning in May, had a heavy focus on triathlon.  One of my early goals at the beginning of the year was to complete three Olympic distance triathlon events. In the first triathlon I had back tire issues but completed it with extreme fatigue (read it here).  The second triathlon I participated in was in the sweltering heat and humidity of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.  I managed to have no bike, swim or running drama in that race and I got third out…

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Exercise Bikes vs. The Real Thing… Which is Better?

A recent search of the following, led someone to my site:  “Is 28.5 miles at 18.5 mph on an exercise bike good”.

To answer the question properly would be near impossible without knowing the resistance setting, but that begs a bigger question:  How does an exercise bike stack up against the real thing?  Seriously.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last three years on my bikes, upwards of 16,000 miles worth and I’ve spent all of ten minutes in my entire life on an exercise bike.  Now, the new TdF model withstanding, which has some technical advantages over “exercise bikes”, there’s a reason I’ve only spent ten minutes on an exercise bike in my life – it’s because they suck next to the real thing.  On the other hand, on a real exercise bike, at least you can really crank down the resistance so they do have their benefits – especially in the off season.

I mean, let’s face it folks, if it isn’t below freezing outdoors, what looks like more fun?

Exercise Bike
Or this:
20140719-194058-70858427.jpg 20140713_160811

Talk about bringing a knife to a tank fight, holy smokes!

Of course, and this is actually pretty funny, my real bike cost ten times more than that exercise bike.

In the end there are benefits to each…  One is good in the winter when it’s nasty outside and the other is better every other day of the year – and twice on Sunday.