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Blog Grammar

I would like to clear something up for some in the blogosphere,  just one of those silly pet peeves for me.

A blog is your collected work of posts.

A post is one of many posts that form your blog.

In no uncertain terms is it ever acceptable to reverse the two in common speech or in writing.  Ever.

For instance:  “I was going to explore that idea in this blog but I ran out of space.”  This is a no-no.  You were going to explore that idea in this post.  To explain with another example, let’s look at an item that we should still be able to relate to:  The Newspaper.  Now, would you say “I was going to write about cycling in my Newspaper?”  Of course not, you’d say, “I was going to write about cycling in my article that will appear in the Newspaper.”  The article is the piece of the whole that is the Newspaper.  Technically you could say that you were going to write about cycling in your newspaper article or blog post, but used only in this manner is the word acceptable in the aforementioned context.

Another popular misuse of the word “blog”, a conglomeration of the words “web” and “log”, or “weblog”, reduced to “blog”, is “I was going to blog about it.”  Technically that would mean “I was going to write a series of posts that would make up a weblog about that subject”.  In other words, you were not going to blog about “triathlon cycling shorts”, you were simply going to write about them in a post.

Just sayin’.