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Blog Grammar

September 2014

I would like to clear something up for some in the blogosphere,  just one of those silly pet peeves for me.

A blog is your collected work of posts.

A post is one of many posts that form your blog.

In no uncertain terms is it ever acceptable to reverse the two in common speech or in writing.  Ever.

For instance:  “I was going to explore that idea in this blog but I ran out of space.”  This is a no-no.  You were going to explore that idea in this post.  To explain with another example, let’s look at an item that we should still be able to relate to:  The Newspaper.  Now, would you say “I was going to write about cycling in my Newspaper?”  Of course not, you’d say, “I was going to write about cycling in my article that will appear in the Newspaper.”  The article is the piece of the whole that is the Newspaper.  Technically you could say that you were going to write about cycling in your newspaper article or blog post, but used only in this manner is the word acceptable in the aforementioned context.

Another popular misuse of the word “blog”, a conglomeration of the words “web” and “log”, or “weblog”, reduced to “blog”, is “I was going to blog about it.”  Technically that would mean “I was going to write a series of posts that would make up a weblog about that subject”.  In other words, you were not going to blog about “triathlon cycling shorts”, you were simply going to write about them in a post.

Just sayin’. 


  1. lauramomma27 says:

    ::sheepish grin:: I catch myself often (mostly because my fingers type faster than my mind, but I’m still learning being a newbie), doing that exact thing, saying “blog” instead of “post,” and luckily more often than not I change it.. I’ve never seen a post like this before so I guess my instincts were correct about that error I almost always catch (well, I say that because if this post was directed towards me, and I wouldn’t at all be offended) and your clarification confirms it. Thanks for the pet peeve, we all have them.

    Since we’re on the subject, I was taught that you double space after a period. I’m an office manager and typing was second nature way back in freshman year in ’83 when I took my first class, but when I do that on my post, often it leaves a stupid empty space should it occur near a “default return” that is put in when I preview. So, now, should we be single spacing after our periods, I mean, is that the etiquette? One of those many questions that unearth themselves as I blog… post… on.. lol. (Now which one is correct? Is it okay to use blog as a verb?). While I am also being humorous and in no way sarcastic, I do ask you that seriously. Thanks for the post.

    • bgddyjim says:

      To make matters worse, when I type a post on my iPhone, even though I double space, it shows up on the post as a single space.

      Double spacing is the correct way to begin another sentence. Of course, I don’t indent a paragraph either so we could get into that as well.

      As for blog as a verb, I would refer back to newspaper and article… We wouldn’t newspaper or article on – we write. Can’t go wrong there. Well, I TRY to write. There’s a reason I don’t get paid for this. I say keep on writing and enjoy it. Just don’t blog it. LOL.

      • lauramomma27 says:

        LOL, well, you are right, and I will do my best. I work at a church and the Pastor, an old school grammar man, will always indent, and double space between paragraphs, and I’m constantly correcting those things because I put it in a newsletter and apparently the style today is that is not the way those are published. I do believe grammar has changed somewhat over time. However, to appease him “The Minister’s Desk” his page and message to the world, remains indented, (however, I even go back and delete the tab and do the 5 space indent I was taught because his settings are at like 8 or 9 spaces and I run out of room) though not double spaced between paragraphs. That too is also a matter of room.

        Tell me though, as you are frustrated with your double space into single space issue, does it not bother you when you read an article (I almost said blog again) and its misaligned? Now that’s a pet peeve for me.

        LOL English came easy to me as a kid, I was reading at 3, and I cannot tell you how oddly enjoyable this discussion has been. 😉 guess I’m not the only weirdo around here.

      • bgddyjim says:

        😎 You most certainly are not.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh, and the spacing does not bother me. Go figure.

      • JustI says:

        Regarding ‘double spacing’ after a period and before a new sentence…with the advent of computers, most published and scholarly articles reverted to a single space following a period because HTML ignores extra white space; hence, even if you double space HTML converts it to single spacing. Also, the APA Handbook (American Psychological Association), MLA Handbook (Modern Language Association), and CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) rules have changed to single spacing. There isn’t a hard and fast rule, but you won’t see double spacing on a weblog.

        just sayin’ 🙂

  2. lauramomma27 says:

    Just for shits and giggles (I hope you didn’t mind the swear) I’m giving you a link to that very newsletter. I have no time to really be creative as I get his articles 3 days before I must publish, but if you have time, you can reference what I mean).

    Click to access Sept_Announcer_PDF.pdf

  3. Is that really true though? I believe blog can be used as a noun in exchangeable ways. I blog. I blogged. And this blog today is about writing. I blog to disagree. But you might be right.

    • bgddyjim says:

      This is a tough question indeed. It is a pickle, but I write a blog. On the other hand it is fairly stated that I journal also… If I did indeed journal.

  4. And as a verb too of course.

    • lauramomma27 says:

      Right on Chris!! 😉 Heh heh.. just being humorous. Well, like I said, I think grammar has evolved, no one has just set the rules up yet.. we are too busy with our layers and layers of multitasking to stop and ask the question. Glad this author did.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Sheesh, and the stupid dictionary gets it right. Let’s look at the smart dictionary: “1. Blog (noun)
      [short for Weblog] (1999) : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

      Or exactly as I stated. The first link that you gave is a list of the ways the word is used. My explanation stands and anyone, until the earth stops spinning, will come off as if they made an egregious error should they misuse it. I’m just trying to help the world Sue.

      • Sue Slaght says:

        Haha you are hilarious. I notice how you skip over any mention of the verb usage. Oh well my friend if I talk about blogging or I want to blog on and on you will just have to cringe. 🙂

      • bgddyjim says:

        Oh no, I agree with some of the verb usage – I covered that in Christopher’s comment above. Blog on sister.

        My main gist, at least for this POST, is not to confuse the blog and post… Of course, when I tell someone about my site, I write a blog, I don’t blog. That’s just me though.

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