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A Nasty Fall, Err, Summer Day…

Apparently the weather doesn’t care that Fall doesn’t start for another nine days or so because yesterday was our first day of it.  Cloudy, cool and windy with a shot of misting sprinkles thrown in just for good measure.  Add to that, the fact that I was up early and absolutely tuckered out by the afternoon and I decided to take a second day off rather than ride…

This, for me, is an unbelievable rarity – I always choose to ride.

Today is going to be a little bit gnarly again – mostly cloudy and will only barely break 60 degrees – more like late October than mid September.

Still, at least it isn’t snowing.  Yet.

That said, I’ll be putting in around 25 miles (or more) today, I’ll get 30 in tomorrow and another 60 or so on Sunday.  Another great week, even with two days off.

Have a great weekend my friends, ride hard and sleep well.