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Daily Archives: September 14, 2014

Not as much as I’d hoped, but more than enough…

I was hoping for 120 miles, give or take, from Friday through today but it didn’t quite work out… I was hoping for 30 miles on Friday with Mrs. Bgddy but we cut that short due to rain. A 6% chance of rain turned into 100% about a mile into our ride. Add to the drizzle, unseasonably cold temps and it was just gnarly.

I made my miles yesterday, 30, but only got half today, another 30. On Tuesday we talked about meeting up for what’s become a regular 60 miles but it ended up not working out. My wife wanted to get a ride in this morning too so that meant a later start for me and we’ve got a sportgy in about three minutes with the Lions playing Panthers and the Tigers up against the Indians… Good Lord, I can hardly contain myself. Still, 76 solo miles for three days is good enough for government work.

Love to go into more detail but the opening kickoff is already in the air and the first pitch is only moments away…

Fall isn’t all bad!