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The Secret to Slavery…

I was working on a post that I’ve been putting together for about a week now when I received an email that said:



” Nonresistance, nonjudgment, and nonattachment are the three aspects of true freedom and enlightened living.”

Eckhart Tolle

I responded:
So said the slave who stayed on the plantation rather than escape to the North.  So says the prisoner who is too afraid to get out of prison to create a better life. 

Thank God the Founders of this country had big enough balls to say, we deserve better.

If you’re not keeping up with me here, let me try a different angle:  So said every boss who claimed you were only worth $1.50 an hour.

While I do understand the sentiment behind the email, it is nonsense.  Nonresistance is a dangerous way to live one’s life.  To simply accept that freedom can be snatched up on a whim begins an ugly journey down the slippery slope.  The other two ensure we are to remain at the bottom, to be buried by all of those who manage to cling on just a little bit longer by conforming, until they too fall out of favor.  After all, as one more bit of freedom is carved away, who are you to judge?  Is not non-judgment of imprisonment in the system freer and more enlightened?  Why should we, after all, be attached to freedom?  Non-attachment is much more comforting from your padded cell.

We can take this a step further and even deeper down the foxhole:  Should rape victims not seek justice?  After all, maybe they should choose nonresistance, no?  Maybe a battered wife should simply say, “Meh, I’m choosing non-judgment today.”  Or the old lady whose house is broken into, “I think everything is okay because I’m not attached to that $200 I had set aside to pay for my medication, better to be nonattached, non-judgmental and nonresistant.


That putrid phrase has been uttered in one way or another by every dictator who has ever said from on high, “Do as I say…  And pass the caviar.  Freedom for me but not for thee.”

No thanks.