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A Break in the Weather…

September 2014

This was supposed to be a post about how I was going to have to clean Mrs. Bgddy’s and my bikes because it was raining and nasty.  I woke up to rain, thunder and lightning and the Weather Channel website radar confirmed what was hearing outside, but it also showed something that the general hourly forecast didn’t…  A hole in the nasty weather, and I absolutely took advantage of it.  I rode my normal 30 mile loop, enjoying the first three miles with a helping wind.  The next nine miles absolutely sucked, into a wind powerful enough to keep me between 17 and 18 mph, absolutely working my tail off.  I stopped at my friend Jim’s house to say hello and top off my H2O bottle and got back to it.  Three miles after leaving my friend’s house, and much to my surprise, the cloud cover broke and the sun came out.  I was still into the wind but it had shifted more to the south so it was more of a cross headwind than a full headwind…  Then hallelujah!

IMG_4974 IMG_4977

IMG_4979 IMG_4980

Yes folks, when you suffer into the wind, eventually you’ll have it at your back for a bit.  That 25 is not km/h and I had to pull my phone out of my back pocket to take that photo, I dropped to 25 from 27.  To tell you the truth, I was really surprised that I was riding that fast, it’s not like I had a 20 mph wind to help, it was only 15 or so.  In any event, I would have loved to ride with some of my friends but after the weather report that I was looking at this morning, I was just glad to get out for a ride.
IMG_4984All is good in my world.

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  1. I commuted to work last Wednesday on my Trek DS 8.3,closed up the real estate practise in May and have been healing since but decided to take a part time job a running store a couple of weeks ago. On the way into work, I got hit with winds gusting to 50km/h but steady at 35 km/h. The wind was almost directly in my face and one time I looked down at my gps and it said I was doing 9 km/h though my legs were working like crazy. What should have been a 50 minute ride took 75 minutes. On the way home I though yeah tail wind. No such luck, the bloody wind was 90 degrees to me. I really had to lean into the wind. Either way, it was a fun and interesting ride.

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