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…Because Genes Won’t Work Unless You Work Them

Oh how I wanted to phone it in today. I woke up at 6 this morning and it was nice to sleep in. The weather was supposed to be gnarly again. I cranked up the lights, cleaned my wife’s chain, cleaned her bike, reinstalled and lubed the chain then cleaned my bike.

Next, I watched Inception because it’s about the awesomest movie ever. Then I cut the backyard grass because even though the forecast showed a 70% chance of rain, the sun was out. It was 11 am and still partly sunny. Two hours to game time and I was in the mood for some lunch – Wendy’s seemed like a winner. The only question was do I get in the truck and drive there or ride my bike. I ran on Thursday, only the third time this season so my legs are still feeling a little toasty.

Well, it was windy as all get out but the radar still showed all clear for at least a couple of more hours. I decided to ride it, after all, it was only four miles…

I quickly got ready, pumped up the tires and got my butt out the door, forgetting to fill up my water bottle. Within 100′ of leaving my driveway it started sprinkling, with the sun shining on me. I was 👌that close to turning around and parking my sparkling clean bike but I pressed on, into the 20-25 mph wind.

Long story short, that 8 mile round trip was extended. After all, why only ride 15 minutes to lunch? I was out anyway. I pulled into the Wendy’s lot on mile 13, took my bike inside and ordered lunch. A double burger, fries and a Coke… Nothing better than a good, rare Coke during a ride.

I ate up, threw half of my fries away (I was full), and hit the road. Unfortunately I realized that I’d just eaten as I passed 21 mph and almost left my lunch on the road so I slowed ‘er down and took it easy the rest of the way home.

I make no apologies or excuses for how I choose to eat, I do eat fun. I do have good genes too, but the simple fact is, I get fat just like anybody else if I don’t put those genes to work.

Besides, that ride was just what the doctor ordered. It was nice. One of the rare times where I just took it easy, looked around and enjoyed being on the right side of the grass and on two wheels. Special thanks to the Fossil Cyclist who reminded me that I need that every now and again.