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Road Trip! The Case for Packing up the Bike…

I have been a home body for most of my life. Sure, my wife and I have been on some pretty cool vacations but for the most part, I stick pretty close to home… Cycling has changed me quite a bit though.  My first trip road trip was to the Pere-Marquette rail trail and humorously enough, I went up to see if I could do a solo 200k.  It was anything but easy though I did finish and with an average of over 18 mph which I was quite happy with.

Family vacations now require the bike rack. Trips to the mountains mean it’s time to ride.  In addition, once or twice a year (actually working on the third this year) we take the bikes up to the Pere-Marquette rail trail in Midland and then at least once, I’ll go up myself.

Cycling road trips are where it’s at – you have to be fully self-sufficient, be able to handle any kind of mechanical issue that might spring up, handle staying fueled and hydrated and aware of your surroundings at all times…  On the other hand, as has been oft quoted, there’s no better way to see a new place than from the cockpit of a bike.  If you’ve never packed up your bike for a road trip, there’s nothing like it.

Where has your bike been?

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Rewards of Sobriety

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