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The Only Excercise

The Ouachita Shutterbug

The only exercise some people get

is jumping to conclusions,

running down their friends,

side-stepping responsibility,

and pushing their luck! 

~Author Unknown

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Does Copper Wear Compression Clothing Really Work Part Two… I Am Having a Tough Time Believing This…

I wrote a post last week about a serious case of tendonitis that I’ve been battling for the last two or three months adding that my wife had purchased a Copper Wear compression sleeve with the hope that it would “help”.

I’ve been wearing the sleeve fairly religiously over the last week and I’ve discontinued the icing while increasing my time on the bike (I put in some serious miles from Friday to Monday).  Today is my most comfortable day in the last two or three months.  I can still feel it, but there’s no doubt that I’m on the mend.  I can’t believe that I’m not hurting.

So, here’s where I come out on this:  I don’t know why it works, I don’t know the science behind copper clothing or whether it’s just the compression that’s improving my arm.  I don’t care either.  Whatever it is, that sleeve works.

Tendonitis is not one of those things that can be cured by hopes and dreams.  It can’t be bargained with or affected by warm-fuzzy feelings. I have done nothing to aid in my recovery, no rest, no more ice. I’ve only worn the Copper Wear sleeve and I’m experiencing pain-free days. My strength in that arm has returned and I don’t have to worry about the shock coming if I have to carry a gallon of milk with my right arm anymore.

Point is, whatever it is about that sleeve, I’m almost healed up and feeling a lot better – without dropping my mileage.

Metric century completed!

I love the feeling he gets towards the end… I can relate.

round cycler

09.12.2014 metric century 1

it has been written, so it shall be done

I’m starting to scare myself a bit – in a completely good manner. Just over 2 months ago, I wasn’t able to finish a 7 km ride. Today, I rode 102 km and I feel absolutely amazing. A couple of days ago, I wrote about going on my first metric century ride. To be honest, I was suffering from that negativity in my previous post – I didn’t think I’d make it past 80 km. Low and behold, I keep surprising myself.

Let’s clear some things up about this ride

My paused time was actually about 5 minutes higher and my active time 5 minutes lower. I’ll explain later. As a result, my average speed was 17.2 mph!

Yes, I paused for over an hour, mostly due to my mile 43 break, where I had a small meal and…

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