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Daily Archives: October 20, 2014

The One Time Going the Extra Mile ISN’T Required…

In my short write-up on yesterday’s 49 mile ride, a woman who has been reading my blog for years commented that her “OCD would have kicked in” forcing her to ride that last mile to make it an even 50.  I like how she thinks, I considered it as well.  However, once I reached my driveway, on fumes, I knew the extra mile wasn’t in the cards.

What I failed to mention in that post was that I’d pulled for most of the ride, probably upwards of  70%, including an epic eight mile stint into the wind that was so strong I had to slow down so my riding partner could catch up – twice.

Yesterday was one of those rare occasions when going that last, extra mile isn’t necessary.  I already had, for 49 of them.