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The Ouachita Shutterbug

If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got,

he isn’t likely to be thankful

for what he’s going to get.

~Frank A. Clark

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Go Big or Stay Home…

Mrs. Bgddy went for her second organized group ride today with my friends and I… She managed to hang with us for 8 miles at an average pace of about 16-17 mph into a brutal headwind and I was absolutely stoked for her. It was my buddies, Mike, Phil and Chuck along with the Mrs. and I.

The temperature was great for the ride, mid fifties or so, but the wind! You know those days where you’re riding into a 20 mph wind but it feels different, heavy, like someone cranked up the volume… That’s what we were facing this morning.

We headed directly into the teeth of it till Mrs. Bgddy was ready to head back, then we headed south. From there it was just a blur of awesome. We started with our eyes on 20-25 miles, I rolled into the driveway with 35 hardcore, fantastic miles.

While the wind whipped us for much of the ride, we had an amazing stretch of 10-15 miles with the wind at our back and we took full advantage of it with speeds approaching 28 mph on the flats.

Now it is most decidedly time for a nice nap… Good God, I’m a happy man. Saturday’s just don’t get much better than this…


Check Your Priorities…

Nothing is worse for weight loss and one’s mental stability than making other things a priority over the daily workout, like playing Words with Friends, talking with friends or vacuuming the floors.

You will be depressed, sad and miserable as long as you keep prolonging the agony by placing your workout farther down the list than Candy Crush or by always having to cut your workout short because you had something else that could occupy your workout time.

Or, if you should choose to place your workout in a position to be hacked up for time, at least keep your expectations in line with your choice to play Angry Birds for “just fifteen more minutes”.

After all, a twigs and tofu salad will taste really great.

Go hard or don’t bother.  And pass me the freaking bacon.  It’s the weekend!  Go out and get yours!