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Ah, The End of A Great Cycling Season, Time to Get Fat.

That’s right folks, we’re into the last few weeks of the cycling season up here in the northern US.  It’s time for snow, snow plows and maybe a walk or two if the temp gets above 40 before March.  Yes indeed, it’s time to sit back on my laurels and fatten up.  Candy, cake, soda, fast food…  YES!  Then come spring I can take the first couple of weeks to work all of that fat back off because I’m better than you. I have willpower, don’t ya know…

You think it, I just put it in writing.

Ah, the life of a person with impeccable genes, and the guts to use them.  How nice it is to be able to eat with impunity while the overweight struggle to lose a pound because they “have bad genes” and broccoli is gross.

Now, you didn’t really buy that did you?

No, now it’s time to go back on the diet, pull out the turbo trainer, dust off the running shoes and start back up with the weight training.  After all, anyone with decent genes knows all of the excuses are false anyway, you have to work at it to stay fit and look good.

It sounded good at first though, didn’t it?

I wish.  Instead, I’ll be cutting back on everything.  Portions cut in half, I’ll have to get used being hungry again for a couple of weeks of course…  This is how it really is, nobody gets to look fit and fabulous for free and to tell you the truth, trying to ride a bike in the spring is hard enough without having to both get the legs back and lose weight at the same time.

Nope, I’m just like everyone else.  I put my pants on one leg at a time (though I’m left-handed so I do always start with the left leg first – I’m a bit odd that way).  Point is, I will be the exact same 170 pounds I am now come springtime, but it won’t be because of some superhuman ability to burn a shit-ton of calories when other people get fat eating celery.  No, it will be due to the fact that my caloric intake for a day will match or be slightly less than what I burn.  It will be so because getting on my bike in March rarin’ and ready to go is more important than a soda or a piece of cheesecake. No mystical hoo-ha, just hard work and eating right. Of course it sucks but it is a choice: Two minutes of sting because I can’t have a donut or two months of it trying to drop my fat ass because I caved every time I wanted a donut.

UPDATE: Cycling Dayton dropped by with the Metric conversion for a Shit-ton. 1 Shit-ton = 142.857 Stone