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Cycling for Cow…

November 2014

I played hooky from cycling Saturday and Sunday… I could have gone for a ride yesterday, it was cold, just above freezing, but nowhere near too cold. The truth is, I’m getting nervous. The tendonitis in my right elbow/forearm is getting worse. If you’ve been following my posts for any length of time, you already know that I’ve been struggling with it for something like four or five months now. I have simply refused to take the time off to let it heal (that’s what winter is for, right?).

Well, I woke up yesterday morning and the wing was absolutely hit. Normally, like any form of tendonitis, once you get it moving, the pain is at least bearable. Not the case anymore and after two days off I should have been feeling better, not worse.

I used yesterday wisely, mulching up the last of the fallen leaves in the yard. I started to get itchy midway through the Lions game though. After they won I was fit to be tied. I had to run up to the store, four miles round trip, to pick up some cow for bacon burgers so rather than hop in the car I decided to ride the mountain bike to the store instead.

Two silly little miles, barely enough to get my heart rate up, but I was wearing a cyclist grin. I picked up my burger meat, buns, put them in my backpack and headed for home, amused at how much fun I was having.

Eight minutes, each way. Barely enough to break a sweat, in weather that would have 95% of the population reaching for their car keys… Now I’m not about to sit here and tell you it was faster or quicker to take the bike, it’s much faster to drive it (I live in farm country).  The simple truth is, it was a whole lot more enjoyable than driving it.

Ah, fall.  I’ve been at it hard all season long, it’s nice to take it easy for a minute, even if it isn’t gong to last very long…


  1. Two words for you and two I know will not be a surprise coming from me — MOUNTAIN BIKE.

    Caught major air yesterday and was whooping like a little kid afterwards. Had to turn around and do the same trail section again!

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    How’s the arm feeling today? Hopefully a bit better?

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