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And you thought 25 mph on a bicycle was fast…

25 mph is pretty decent as an average pace but what would happen if you put a rocket under your saddle?  207 mph, on a bicycle.

Dude, I gotta get me one of those!

Never put a limit on the good you can do…

Two years ago I met a fellow who happens to be blind… Or is it “without sight” or “visually nonfunctional” maybe? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve taken this man out for dinner a number of times but I really wanted to get him on a bike. I spoke with the owner of the LBS a number of times and he recommended a tandem but that idea made me nervous and let’s face it, tandems are cool but he’d never get to feel the wind in his face because he’d always be the stoker.

Then three weeks ago a fellow showed up at Assenmacher’s with a special tandem that he had built so he and his special needs son could ride. I don’t know any more of the story than he said he no longer had use for it and wanted to donate it to the shop.

A few hours later, for no good reason, I decided to stop by to say hi in the middle of my daily training ride and there she sat…

Thanks to the generosity of Matt Assenmacher and a little bit of fate (I choose to blame God, I prayed extensively for the guidance to get my friend on a bike, but you don’t have to share that belief), this happened yesterday:
IMG_5388 IMG_5389 IMG_5390
The bike is being loaned to the family, free of charge. I picked up the helmet from the shop and Bob’s your uncle.

When I quit drinking I was having a tough time holding down a pizza delivery job well.  I’m sure “I had potential” but that’s really just a nice way of adding, without really saying, “…but in your current state you suck”.  When you looked up the words “self-centered” in the dictionary, they had my picture.  Fortunately, when I gave up the bottle I could start growing up.  I even managed to pick up a decent life lesson or two along the way.

Being sober for just shy of twenty-two years now, I don’t ever put a limit on what good can be done if I just look for the opportunity. I have limits, my faith doesn’t.