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And you thought 25 mph on a bicycle was fast…

November 2014

25 mph is pretty decent as an average pace but what would happen if you put a rocket under your saddle?  207 mph, on a bicycle.

Dude, I gotta get me one of those!


  1. Thats nuts. I would poop my pants going quarter the speed he is going.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Dude, that is insane!

      • you gotta hand it to them, the confidence and skill are off the scale – the way the guy juggles the Go-pro, hails other drivers, bunny hops the catseyes (you call them that in the States?), put up a selection of best downhill videos a couple of weeks back, but this takes the cake…

      • bgddyjim says:

        Yeah, and that part where he almost got hit by the passing car too! While I do agree, that was amazing… I found him to be a bit obnoxious about the whole thing, a bit of a showoff, for lack of a better term.

        Generally speaking, we don’t have cateyes in these parts… Too much snow and salt on the roads.

        Finally, he was on a $10,000 bike. I can tell you from experience that 55 mph on a $4,000 bike is smooth and steady while 45 on an older bike is scary as hell… Of course, 77 mph is a much bigger deal!

  2. PedalWORKS says:

    Sign me up. That’s crazy. Imagine crashing at that speed. It would be ugly.

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