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How to get noticed by the high school swim coach (three years before high school)

My wife took the girls to an open swim at the middle school last week… It’s a rule for the kids that if you want to swim in the deep end you have to swim a length of the pool.

Isabella, being daddy’s girl, was a bit put off by this. She is on a travel swim team after all, so she dove in off the block and did the lap, butterfly.

Well, it just so happened that the swim coach was there and my wife heard him ask the life guard, “who is that girl and what grade is she in”?!

That’s my girl and that’s how it’s done. If she puts the work in, she’ll be a shoe-in for the team when she gets to high school.


Coaching makes a difference…

Mrs. Bgddy and I are at the girls’ swim meet this morning. We’re less than two minutes into and this happens…

Which team has a lousy coach?

Coaching matters.

: Cranks : Giving

If you’re a fan of CultFit as I am, check out the link at the bottom for his tee shirt, it’s excellent… I reserved mine.


You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving-

Please join me tomorrow – November 22nd – at 11a.m. @ Omaha Bike Co. for Cranksgiving!!! What in the world is Cranksgiving?!? Its one part bike ride, part scavenger hunt, and most importantly – part food drive. You’ll need to dust off your bike, gather up a few bags, a bike lock and about $15-$20 to buy the food, which in turn goes to the Food Bank for the Heartland. A classic win-win situation if you ask me!

Not in our fair city, Omaha, Nebraska this Saturday?!? No problem! There may be a Cranksgiving in your neck of the woods! 

Come on out and remember – First cup of coffee – tea – whatever is on me!

Daily Meditation:

Just in time for the Holidays – Limited Edition :CultFit: Holiday Tops!

These shirts are pretty cool and will come in handy…

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