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A Note to Specialized Bicycles…


November 2014

To whom it may concern,

I’ve tried contacting your marketing department in the past because I was looking for some Specialized casual apparel that wasn’t boring and, not to put too fine a point on it, I didn’t have much luck. That contact obviously didn’t go very far so now I’m resorting to this…

In addition, with the exception of your outlet page, $30 for a tee shirt? Really? C’mon man, I know how much it costs to print a decent tee and charging $30 is crazy. Knock five bucks off of that.

Now, let’s talk design. How do you not have a black tee with a big red Specialized S on the front, nothing else? Second, take that same idea and put “VENGE” on the back… Please? I can have my own made but I’d rather not raise your ire as I know how you defend the brand.

And that brings me to one more important little note… Here are a few of the Venge 2015 offerings:
VengeProRace VengeProRace2 VengeUltExpert

Now, call me crazy but when Venge sales tank this year it won’t be because the bike isn’t awesome.  Ladies and gentlemen, I own a Venge…  I know how awesome, comfortable and fast that bike is. I’ve gone out of my way to dispel the untrue myth that the bike is too stiff to be comfortable (my review is one of my better hit-generating posts on this site)… How to put this nicely… I can’t fix ugly with a good post.

First, the gray, black and red Venge is close so I can almost look passed that (though a single color for the “Specialized”, red preferably, is a must)…but the green or orange with the back and gray seat post? What the hell were you thinking? “Hey, let’s try to out-ugly Bianchi”? I don’t mean to be rude but those paint schemes deserve a stern rebuke.

So, leave a comment in the comments below. To do so you’ll have to leave an email address. The comment will also have to be approved by me before it becomes public (which I won’t do)… In other words, you’ll be anonymous. Contact me and I’ll help you fix this mess. I’m not looking for a job either. I already have a great job. We can work out a simple consultation agreement. I wouldn’t even offer if I didn’t feel you folks needed some serious help.


  1. bonnev659 says:

    I agree this years models is okay doesn’t want me to run to the lbs to go after… now there is a few other brands that got me wanting to do that.. we see what happens

    and wow for $30 for a shirt I agree bring it down to $25

  2. gbkjxn03 says:

    I would buy the simple black t-shirt with the red S! It would be simple but cool which is my favourite style.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I know! The guy I talked with at Spec. said, “oh yeah, that is a good idea. That would be cool”. It died there, though I wonder if there’s a copyright issue with a certain superhero.

  3. The green and the orange schemes almost make it look like a $1000 bike. I would put a bag over this bike’s head before I took it to bed.

  4. They need a red shirt with a stylized drawing of the beautiful Venge shape on it in black with a subtle grey “Venge” below it. Would be cool to have the “S” at the top and trail into the Venge shape. Hope this makes sense.

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