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Don’t look now, a real bike ride!


November 2014

This weekend was supposed to be depressing. Warm enough to melt the ridiculously early five inches of snow we got last week, thus to ride, but with constant rain. Even if I wanted to ride in the rain, my schedule was packed, especially Saturday, with swim meets both days and my sobriety anniversary dinner Saturday night. I suppose it’s actually better that it was raining anyway. At least I didn’t feel like I was missing out.

Lo and behold, we caught a break yesterday. The rain sputtered to a stop while we were taking a nap after the morning meet and lunch (the girls ROCKED yesterday, Bella dropping up to 14 seconds on several strokes and Josie taking top tens in two events [6th and 7th] after entering them ranked in the mid-20’s in the 8 and under division – oh, and she had a 1:48 100 free but didn’t touch right so she took second instead of first in that heat – had she touched, she’d have taken a top 5 in that). The wind picked up enough to dry the roads to point we’d at least stay relatively dry. At 2:30, with the Lions clearly going down to defeat, I decided it was time to ride. Mrs. Bgddy and I were suited up and out the door by 3:00. It wasn’t a long or particularly fast ride but it was glorious.

We kept to the back roads around the house, talking and laughing the whole way until the misses split off at eleven miles. At that point I put the hammer down for a bit to see how fast I could run myself out of breath with a nice cross-tailwind. I cruised hard for a couple of miles before turning around to head home. I was slowed by the wind in my face but didn’t let up until I turned onto our street with one mile to go.

I hope that won’t be my last outdoor mile of the year but there is a chance so I wanted to savor that last four minutes. We’ve got more snow in the forecast starting this evening and this is Michigan so you never know…

You know I’d like to have spent more time on the bikes but as early winter weekends go, this was about as good as they get. Spending time watching my kids race in the pool, spending time with my best friends over a fantastic dinner celebrating sobriety and good clean living, a bit of time hammering on the bike and a whole lot of being in love with my wife.

It is truly wonderful to feel blessed, to feel lucky, after almost not making it all of those years ago. I’ve never “live my life like there will be no tomorrow” because I think the notion is too simplistic, but I do live it full. I loved hard, was a good dad, ate well, had fun and even got a ride in there. That’s closer to perfect than is possible for government work.

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